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Strange Behaviour of qTranslate

  • Pietro


    Hi Everybody, Guys !! ^_^
    Please, I have a question.
    My Forums shows me this message:

    The qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because it hasn’t been tested with your WordPress version yet. This is done to prevent WordPress from malfunctioning. You can reenable it by clicking here (may cause data loss! Use at own risk!). To remove this message permanently, please update qTranslate to the corresponding version.

    The point is that: Even if when I’ve installed the bbPress qTranslate was not updated, so this message was right … Now qTranslate it is updated, but by the way bbPress doesn’t seems to see the change and it doesn’t shows me forum-contents by language.

    The link in the message (reenable qTranslate) doesn’t works …
    What to do, please, if I want to build a multi-language Forum ??

    Another deal:
    Why bbPress shows me this ugly editor ??

    If I click on Visual then it is good, but the 1-st one is the defaul one …

    THANK YOU !!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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