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Stop Group Forum Posts Showing On bbp-topic-index Page

  • dasped


    Running bang up-to-date WP Multisite, Buddyperss, BBPress.

    No preview available, site still under maintenance.

    I need to remove group forum posts from showing up within the forum index.

    Seems quite strange that you can set up private groups with their own forums, but all their forum post activity shows up for all to read on the [bbp-topic-index] page? Not so private?

    Am I missing something that is staring me in the face or is this seriously just how it works? If the latter is the case, I’d be very grateful if anyone could please assist with a workaround of some description.

    I’d like to eliminate all group posts from showing on the forum index page listing if possible please.


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  • dasped


    So private groups have public forums end of? Or all group posts must show in index?

    I’d love to be able to just lose the group post aspect in index full stop.

    Would really appreciate some light being shone this way.. Thanks



    I have the same issue.

    Topic from Private / Group Forums/Categorys show up in the Widged “Recent Topic” to non group members.
    Also the funktion “Parent Forum ID:” seems not to be working properly (or I’m doing something wrong :P )




    Hate bumping posts but would love some information regarding this issue. Private is not private. I can’t get my head around the theory or the mechanics.




    i’m looking for the same solution



    Feels rather like Mount Vesuvius spilled its belly out around these parts and only the plaster casts of what were once admins, moderators and devs remain.

    I keep hitting that tab with ‘support’ as its title but struggle to see too much of it going on.

    I’m certain it can’t just be me that finds this place to be rather like a ghostly Pompeii. This is still a live project and forum for a pretty cool plugin right?

    Anyone,,, anyone…

    Hi :)

    We are all just volunteers helping out where and when we can, that becomes more noticeable when a few of us have other stuff going on and we can’t dedicate as much time as we’d like to :)

    Most definitely private group forum posts should not be showing up when using [bbp-topic-index].

    bbPress 2.4 is just about out the door but if you give that a try and see how well your BuddyPress Group Forums are being integrated and if your issue has been fixed, if not create a new ticket in trac and we can take a look I am pretty sure your issues should be covered in the fix from Ticket #2349



    Thanks @Stephen Edgar,

    Sorry if I came across a tad harsh and perhaps unappreciative. I’m sure you understand that it is just frustrating when you can’t get your head round something like this.

    I thank you for your update and look forward to uploading the release candidate in the hope it resolves the issue for me.




    @netweb said:

    definitely private group forum posts should not be showing up when using [bbp-topic-index].

    So I am trying to wrap my head around how this topic index shortcode should work. Is it intended to only display public forums? Or should it display forums the user has permissions to see?

    If the latter, is that determined by the forum visibility, the buddypress group privacy status, or both?

    Here is what I am experiencing with bbp 2.4, BP 1.8.1, and WP 3.6:

    If the visibility of a group forum is changed (at the forum level) from published to private then a user with the forum role of participant can see the private forums in the topic index as well as on the forum root page. These are visible even if the user isn’t a member of that BP group.

    But if I use the repair tool to “recalculate private and hidden forums”, that same user can no longer see them in the topic index (again, regardless of if the user is a group member or not), but can still view them on the forum root page.

    Is this what should be happening?

    Or perhaps is this related to this defect?

    My ultimate goal is to have a user role that can view private topics and another role that can not. Can this be accomplished using that topic-index shortcode, or do I need to find another solution?

    Thanks for all your efforts!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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