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Still can't get a forum tab

  • weboozle


    Clean wordpress, buddypress and bbpress install (again) and I still can’t get a ‘forums’ tab on the site.

    I know this is an extremely basic step, and I’ve spent hours and several re-installs to attempt the ‘forums’ or ‘forum’ or ‘board’ or anything tab to link to a sitewide forum.

    I’ve never understood the heirarchy of wordpress (obviously) but I seem to always manage. This one is really has me. I can directly navigate to it in the browser but all I can ever get is a blank page when any tab might appear.

    I’m also aware that this isn’t listed in the bbpress codex since I’m sure it’s on page 2 of beginning wordpress.

    Any help? Many thanks in advance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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