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Step 4: Installation failed!

  • I’ve tried to install bbPress in a several different locations, but i always get an errormessage at Step4:

    Installation failed! The database failed to install. You may need to replace bbPress with a fresh copy and start again. Referrer is OK, beginning installation…

    Step 1 – Creating database tables

    >>> Database installation failed!!!

    >>>>>> Halting installation!

    I cleared the database tables also and retried to install. But with no success. We use PHP 5+ and MySQL 4.1 on Suse Linux. I also tried to chmod some directories. No success.

    As i took a closer look at the code, i can report that the errors is thrown from class-install.php on line 1513: $alterations = bb_install(); after doing a print_r on the alterations array, i can see it has now values.


    further debugging shows the following errors:

    Key master could not be created!

    Forum could not be created!

    So it seems, that the forum couldn be created. If i create it manually. The frontend works. but when i try to login to the admin panel, i always get redirected to the frontend without an error.

    maybe this could help…

    kind regrads from germany


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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