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Soon to come, the WP Gathering theme for bbPress..

  • What I’m probably going to do is, just use the CSS file codes that I had, for when using the Forum Category enhancement with my bbPress forums. It’s not going to be a big deal if those Forum Category CSS codes are in the stylesheet anyway.

    For those running the Forum Cat enhancement, or not, I’ll release a Gathering theme version for either route. A) One for the plain Jane bbPress users, and B) One for those that are already using the Forum Category enhancement. ;) :)

    Please note though, that this theme will be an AS-IS type of deal!!

    I’ll try to give a helping hand, and try my best to provide “support” for it, but, I’m just a really, really busy person sigh. I barely have time to sleep and stuff… :( Besides, if any problems arise, your answers should be, or, could easily be answered here, since it’s basically just a theme. If you happen to have issues with the Forum Cat enhancement patch itself, I’m sure Sam would be happy to help you.. :) ;)

    Anyway, here’s what’s on my TO-DO list, starting now!

    1) Delete all the current plugins on my forums, so I have a total plain Jane bbPress install to work with…

    2) On the localhost/computer .. make up the “Gathering” theme on the latest Trunk files of bbPress. With, and without the files containing the Forum Cat enhancement edits… (Again, this theme should (generally) still work for .80, however, not sure about the backwards compatibility for the forum Categories enhancement though)…

    3) Download the latest copies of the plugins I deleted, tweak the new ones, upload and install them…

    4) Try and get some kinks out of the theme, which happens when using some certain plugins sigh..

    5) Release two copies of the Gathering theme, one for plain Jane bbPress users, and one for those already using the Forum Category enhancement…

    6) Then I’ll probably apply the theme I just spent the last 3 days on, non-stop, which I put up on my Vindictive Bastard blog… I’ll apply that on my blog then too.. and make it a theme for bbPress as well … whee! What you think?

    7) I’ll try and actually get some sleep!! Geesh, I’m beat!

    Anyway, I’ll keep everyone updated on this.. thanks for your time..


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  • Aight, I’m sorry that I haven’t released this yet. I’ve just been really really busy with other things sigh. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll actually have the “time” to do this.

    What I can do, is, zip up what I had before and paste the download link here. Then, someone else can take the copy of that, revamp it, then release it as their own. Maybe just give me a little props some where LOL!

    It’s up to you guys/gals though…? Let me know okay folks?


    Whatever, I’ll just remove the bbPress forums from and maybe even itself anyway. I’ll just slap up MT for the blog maybe and go with another forum software… whee!

    /Ah, screw it. I’ll just redirect to something else, like or something.. I dunno yet.


    /No one would care anyway… screw it.

    Sorry Spencer, I haven’t seen the Gathering theme and aren’t particularly looking for a forum theme right now anyway. It’d be cool to see, though.

    But please don’t take down WordPress, I need that WP/bb/Mediawiki integration article for future reference! :P

    The Gathering theme is on currently… :P I could always import the content from WP to MT though, couldn’t I? LOL! I already had MT setup within 15 minutes on a sub domain name a few weeks back, shouldn’t take me too much longer to set it up this time.. whee!

    Maybe could setup phpBB 3.0 whatever the hell the latest version is now… Got up that over here now:

    I don’t know though.. hmm


    Good luck with phpBB 3 dude, see you back in a couple of weeks :D:D:D:D:D

    Hahaha.. Yeah, that’s why I said “hmm”.. and notice I didn’t take that public lmao!?


    Screw it, Trent…can you delete this thread for me man? If you want copy of it Trent, and then release it … go ahead man. I’ll send ya a zip or tar to your email addy then. ;) :)


    I kinda like the theme, but don’t get the attitude, unless it is some ‘lost in the internet’ translation problem I am having.

    internet frustration :D

    Yeah, sigh. A little bit frustrated when a guy rips you off for a 112.00 USD on a custom WP theme! In which he don’t give you after A MONTH! When originally said 3 to 5 days max!

    (NSFW Links – Contain swear words of course! :D )

    And besides all that crap, I have many many other things that need done. But, is on hold because of the first initial crap that I’m dealing with sigh. :(


    If you want to email me the theme Spencerp that would work and I will just re-release it for you and host it ;)


    YES! Awesome! Thanks a million Trent! :D You’re awesome! ;) :D I gotta find it now, I think it’s on a CD some where LOL. When I find it, I’ll send it your way. :) ;)

    Side note: It was coded with the Forum Category hack/adjustments made though.. so.. just a for-warning. ;) It shouldn’t be that hard to start on fresh bbPress code though. :) I just don’t have the time to do it sigh. :(

    And maybe even some “plugin code” are in it as well lol! I think your’s and Josh’s. Hmm.. You’ll see what I mean then. ;)


    I will take a look and play around to have it working with the default install again, np!


    Dang it’s been forever since I’ve been here. I’ll have to find that on a CD backup and then send you the files Trent. Sorry folks for being AWOL. Just had alot going on.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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