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  • rolyestemonio


    Hi Everyone,

    I am just newbie on this forum bbPress and i guess something is not right with this part:

    Step 6: Copy the Default bbPress Theme to Your Child Theme Folder

    The default files are no longer stored in wp-content > plugins > bbpress > bbp-themes. There is a folder called default at bbpress > templates > default, but which files need copying I do not know.

    While still in FTP and looking at the root folder of your WordPress installation, go to bbPress’ theme folder. That is, go to wp-content > plugins > bbpress > bbp-themes > bbp-twentyten. Download all the files from this folder except style.css. These are the files that will style your bbPress theme.

    Now return to your child theme folder (wp-content > themes > yourthemefolder-child). Upload the default bbPress theme files to the child theme folder. You can change the image you see for your child theme in the admin area by uploading a new screenshot.png image to this folder.

    I did not saw wp-content > plugins > bbpress > bbp-themes > bbp-twentyten the plugin directory so maybe it was mess i guess. What i saw is this wp-content > plugins > bbpress > templates > default.

    Any helps should highly appreciated.


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  • Robkk


    That guide was for earlier version of bbPress ,it might be archived later for a new guide to take its place.

    The following is written for version 2.2 of the bbPress WordPress plugin. Information in this tutorial may not be applicable to earlier or subsequent versions of the plugin.

    See if the creating a theme section would help you.

    Right now there is really just some placeholder links and text that I just wrote up real quick , so this guide might be improved in some later days.

    It should help you create a child theme, understand what is usually in a theme. and how to customize it to your needs.


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