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SMF To BBPress – Do the current version works?

  • N. Ahamad


    I have read this topic :

    And currently trying to figure out the way to do it, I have massive forum. Seems forum system a bit neglected by their builder nowadays. (and I wish BBpress not the same).

    Do the current version BBPress importer works with current / latest SMF?
    Mine seems stucks at 5900 topic conversion something out of 13K topics. Im running conversion of 1.7gb database on xampp – localhost server with i7 and 16gb of ram with tweaked php.ini and-so-on.

    Yet possibly another 450k replies waiting in que… now Im worried.

    Seriously, no idea to identify which database column made it stucks…

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  • Hi,
    The importers have been given a boost in 2.6. So if you start importing, better try with the latest RC of v2.6. You can download it from

    N. Ahamad


    Ok. I tried the old one. And also just now tried the RC 2.6 . Somehow, the conversion still stuck at converting topic. I need some help.

    When the topic conversion process, is it smf_message or smf_topics table?
    As for bbpress, all of them convert as wp_post and set as post type =forum right?

    When the conversion stuck no go at all (not hang). It’s hard for me to find which table or column is the culprit. When I sorted the post in smf_message by ID,I found the post. but seems the wp_post one not the same as it, even the some post are pass or newer than highest id in smf.. it confusing me.

    Maybe i just dont get it how the conversion goes on…

    This is really tiring.

    N. Ahamad


    After couple of hours figuring whats wrong with the import stuck, I still got no idea where and why it is. Maybe just my lacks of mysql skills. i wish, if the converter can ‘tell’ where and what is wrong ie : “fail to convert smf_messages ID = 7891”, want to skip or pause and edit? That gonna big advantage…

    I’ll try again.



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    N. Ahamad


    Me again.. after over a week of running non stop PC.. finally the conversion process done.
    I do expect some loses in data either replies and topics.

    but the most disappointment for me is… SOME USER ARE MISS MATCH!
    Some post and replies goes to other person account, vice versa.

    Active members turned to some unfamiliar account, the active member accounts had very few topics and replies count too. It’s now only one or two, it probably many more.

    Even account of mine too… it’s weird. Need solution for this.. I don’t think I can only export user again will solve this problems. Please!

    Sigh.. I don’t wan’t to do all over again and again, because this is 3rd time already…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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