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SMF Import to bbPress

  • Introduce Forum Importer template for use with importing from SMF v2.0.x(Tested on v2.0.4) & ​​

    Working: Forums, Topics, Replies, Users & User Passwords
    Partial: Custom BBCode for Topic & Reply Content
    Not Working Yet: Categories

    Attached to bbPress Trac Ticket #2380 is the 1st pass patch for SMF importing into bbPress.

    To test the importer download the latest patch from the link above and copy/ftp the file into the /includes/admin/converters/ folder of your bbPress plugin.

    I hope to get the remaining outstanding items done ASAP.
    (User passwords will be a little trickier and will take a bit more time)

    Any feedback and/or testing that you can provide will help me out tremendously.


    Stephen 🙂

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  • Mei Ling


    Thank you for this importer. It allows us to do a great job without any problem.

    Mei Ling




    I have been wanting to switch to bbPress from SMF 2.0.9. I ran the importer and all looked well until I compared the number of topics in various forums and found the bbPress import is about 1/2.

    Here is a screenshot of the smf url and the topics and posts in the first 3 forums on the smf installation.

    Here is a screenshot of the topics and replies on the bbPress forum conversion I just did.

    It also seems to have doubled the users – here is a screenshot from the smf forum

    Here is a screenshot from the bbPress convert

    I did a complete reset of the forum before the convert. If you need to see the bbPress forum it can be found at

    Please tell me how to fix these issues so I can start using the bbPress forum instead of smf.





    Hi Stephen,

    is there any way to get a little support from you? I am not very firm in php/mysql and I need to import data to bbPress from my SMF forum. Maybe we could get in touch for a little chat? I think its nothing big for you but for me its rocket science. 😉

    The import is working (except of the attachments) but the text is losing his style and there a lots of “<tt>” in the text after the import.

    I would be very happy, if we can talk to each other to solve this problem. I really want to use bbPress with my community now! 🙂

    Here you can see the problems:
    Just open one of the threads and you will see the different fonts etc.



    @Stephen – I missed your response to my last comment, thanks for following up. 🙂

    I checked out the 2.6 milestone tickets and was happy to see a solution to my problem already in there.

    Closing this topic, please create a new topic if you have any SMF issues 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)
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