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SMF 2.0.7 to bbpress 2.5.10 *mostly* good import

  • moedan9


    Hi folks,

    SMF 2.0.7 to bbpress 2.5.10 import
    Wordpress version 4.5.3

    I’ve just imported the SMF forums here on my server –

    to bbpress here on my server:

    you’ll need to login to see.
    user test
    p/w 123456

    At first glance, everything appears fine, although the number in the Posts column seems to be a product of adding the number of topics to the number of replies in a given forum. I don’t mind this.
    Freshness shows zero, but that’s not a big deal either bc A) I can fix the freshness (but it results in losing posts and replies in the forums. B) Once new forum posts happen, it will repopulate.

    now here’s the main issue
    Upon clicking on a forum, it says:

    This forum contains 8 topics and 15 replies.

    Viewing 4 topics – 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

    So the top area states how many topics there are accurately but then only 4 are actually displayed.
    This problem is consistent across the other forums. (sometimes only 3 or 2 are displayed when more are stated above)

    Any idea what that is about? It’s the main issue.

    note: i did a repair Recalculate last activity in each topic and forum
    and then the bottom forum dropped to 0 and 0.
    Any of the forum repairs that I use that involve Topics creates problems in the number of topics and replies and doesn’t fix anything.

    HELP is much appreciated.

    note 2: here are the messages from the import
    (I think nothing appears out of order to me, but maybe there are some issues with this)

    Conversion Complete
    No reply_to parents to convert
    Converting replies (50 – 99)
    Converting replies (0 – 49)
    No tags to convert
    No super stickies to stick
    No stickies to stick
    Converting topics (0 – 49)
    No forum parents to convert
    Converting forums (0 – 49)
    Starting Conversion

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  • moedan9


    To add a little info – since my forums are quite small and seem to be largely well imported, I would be willing to manually fix the incorrect topics and replies in the database. But I have no idea how to do that. At this point, I am satisfied with any solution to get all the topics and posts from the other SMF forum up and running.



    can the import function also import the attachments from SMF 2.0.15 ?
    Does it place it into the Media-Library or where ?
    Do I need to have installed the GD bbPress Attachments
    plugin, before I do the import from SMF ?
    I just tried without it and it seems it did not import
    any attachments…
    Or are the attachments at least somehow linked into the WordPress Database ?

    Many thanks.
    Regards, Stefan.

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