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Slow to post forum topics and replies on large forum

  • Jeff Hester


    NOTE: Reposting this. My first post seems to have disappeared from the forums.

    I successfully migrated my large forums from vBulletin to bbPress, thanks to the great advice here on the forums.

    But I’m seeing serious performance issues, particularly when posting a new topic or reply. It can take 10 seconds or more for the server to respond.

    I’m running the site on WPEngine and using Cloudflare CDN, but still have performance issues. I’ve removed all entries from the “ping sites” option under the Writing settings. Does anyone have any additional advice on how to improve the performance, or can you provide any tips on why the posts take so long?

    The site in question is:

    I’ve got 17,643 registered users, 33k topics and 140k replies. I’d really like to sort this out, as the lag is killing interaction.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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