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single sign on and multiplatform integration

  • I would like to start discussion regarding a single sign on feature, and developing integration for other platforms other than just wordpress “joomla, drupal, etc” in order to open up the usability of bbpress and be less restrictive than just supporting WP.

    conversion methods and tools for both CMS platforms and forum software conversion “preferably from “phpbb, smf, vb, vanilla” to bbpress of course ..

    any ideas and suggestions are welcome

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  • I am currently working on a plugin that adds import capability to bbPress. The framework provides a 4-step wizard

    1. Choose the input source
    2. Configure the import
    3. Verify what you’re about to import looks good
    4. Perform the import

    The “importers” for the first step are read dynamically, to allow for easy extension. The parameters names for step 2 come dynamically from the selected importer and the values entered are supplied to steps 3 and 4. The plugin provides methods for creating users, posts, topics and forums, the importer provides the methods needed to get that data from whatever the input source is.

    My experiment was to import a fake phpBB 2 forum (3 users, 2 forums, and maybe a dozen or so posts). All looks good. I would value other sets of eyes on the project though. What would be awesome would be other people to write some importers for other platforms. The framework is there in the plugin, it just needs extension into the other platforms.

    Very useful – We are a Joomla user and would gladly switch to this forum style for our users

    if there was a single sign-on.

    Looking forward to check back in some months for such an addon.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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