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Simplify Options theme trouble

  • Dmclean


    I am having difficulty with my theme Simplify Options by D5 Creations. I have written to the theme developer, but they are not “getting it”.

    So the theme gives me the option to change my main blog page to excerpts with a “read more” button. This cleans up my main blog page so that people don’t have to see the entire blog post for every single post.

    However, when I enable this option in the theme, I can no longer access the forums from my forums page. I get an excerpt from the introduction to the forums which I wrote, and a “read more” button. The forum topics disappear from the page. When I click on the “read more” button, it doesn’t take me anywhere. Hence, I cannot access my forums when I enable the “read more” option.

    I don’t understand coding and all of that. But if there is a plugin that you recommend which will give me the ability to clean up my main blog page with a “read more” button, that will not conflict with BBPress forums, that would be awesome.

    Can you do that please??

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  • Robkk


    use FTP and copy page.php and rename it to bbpress.php , then remove all the unwanted code like the read more buttn .

    This usually fixes most theme problems.

    need anymore help with this reply back , and i will give you a more detailed explaination.



    I’m uncomfortable changing the theme code with the explanations on the link that was given. Can you be more specific as to what I need to do? Thanks!




    well its tough on my side too since you have a paid theme (the free version doesnt have the show excerpt option) , so i cant just tell you step by step because i have to look at the code of your current theme.

    you can create me an admin account ( i need to go to the backend and see your theme files in the wordpress theme editor ) , then send me the login details through my email so i can get this done for you.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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