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  • matrixino


    I’m trying to import a SimplePress 5.4 forum into bbPress. However the process just stall at “Calculating forum hierarchy”. I tried deleting most of the forums i didn’t really need to narrow down the number of forum/posts to a minimum, but the problem still persist. What could it be?

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  • I was on Simple:Press v5.3.4 and have just now upgraded to v5.4.1

    Tested the current bbPress v2.5.3 import using the SimplePress5 importer and everything worked fine.

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    Conversion Complete
    No reply_to parents to convert
    Converting replies (0 - 99)
    No tags to convert
    No super stickies to stick
    Calculating topic stickies (0 - 99)
    Converting topics (0 - 99)
    Calculating forum hierarchy (0 - 99)
    Converting forums (0 - 99)
    Delete users WordPress default passwords (0 - 99)
    Converting users (0 - 99)
    Starting Conversion

    This is the SQL query that runs the step you are stuck on:
    SELECT post_id AS value_id, meta_value FROM sp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = '_bbp_forum_parent_id' AND meta_value > 0 LIMIT 0, 100

    This shouldn’t really cause any issues, worst case scenario you no longer have your forums grouped in their previous hierarchal structure.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe a SimplePress plugin/extension may have modified the database setup beyond the basic ‘out of the box’ setup I use.

    You could also try reordering your SimplePress forums to force an update of their values in the database. Also try removing the forums from the groups and delete the groups. You can easily add the groups/categories again on the bbPress side once the import is completed successfully.



    I tried leaving only 1 forum group (seems like I need to have at least one) and disabling all plugins, still no luck. I’m trying to upgrade to latest 5.x version now and see what happens :\

    Edit: Nothing, still stuck there after upgrading. Is there a way to have a verbose output to see exactly where it get stuck?

    I made the importer with SP v5.1.4 and every now and then upgrade to the latest just as I did earlier.

    I’ve got nothing else that comes to mind at this minute, it’s quite late here so I’ll take a closer look in the morning.

    A couple of things will help though, what versions of WordPress, bbPress and SimplePress are you using?



    WP 3.8.1 – SP 5.4.1 (but also isn’t working with 5.4, i just upgraded when trying to fix this) – BBP 2.5.3
    I’m working on a duplicate copy of my wp db (I always do a test run before working on live site).

    However I just noticed this error in my php logs:
    “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class bbcode in /wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/admin/parser.php on line 979” while reading response header from upstream

    So I think some other plugin (or maybe wp itself?) is declaring that class already. I’m going to debug this now.



    Ok found the problem. The WP plugin Boingball BBcode was using the same class name.
    I’m importing now and went to the next step. Finger crossed 🙂 Thanks for your time

    There we go, that indeed will be the issue.

    Essentially after the forum hierarchy is calculated it starts importing the topics (though that’s the last message you see)

    We use a custom ‘bbcode’ parser to convert the imported forums BBCodes eg. [url], [b], [img] etc.

    So if you are using a plugin that is doing something with BBCodes it’s a high probability that that is the conflict.

    Disable said plugin and you should be good to go and/or if you don’t know which plugin it is disable them all, do your import, then enable your plugins again.

    snap 😉 excellent



    Sometimes during the topic conversion it hangs and i have to stop/start to continue. This is the error i’m getting in php logs:

    [error] 11916#0: *145917 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream, client: x.x.x.x, server: ~^mydomain.*$, request: “POST /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:”, host: “mydomain”, referrer: “http://mydomain/wp-admin/tools.php?page=bbp-converter”

    Is somthing I have to worry about or can I just keeping stop/restarting? Do I lose something?

    PS: I just replaced my real domain with “mydomain” to hide it and I’m using nginx/php5-fpm

    Sorry for the late reply, this seems to be closest info I can find about the error but nginx/php5-fpm configs are not my strong suit, I use either the defaults or what my web host picks for me 😉

    That said, when you hit stop, it stops (obviously) but when you click start it does just resume from where it left off.



    I have a very old Simple:Press version – 4.3.1.
    I want to migrate to bbPress, but not sure if this can be done.

    Is this possible?
    Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards

    @tonytomov I highly doubt it, a quick look at the SimplePress notes to upgrade to v5.x requires at least v4.5, have a look around and see if you can find a v4.3.1 to v4.5 upgrade, then follow the instructions to upgrade to v5.x



    Hello Stephen,

    Many thanks for the answer.
    Will do this conversion. Hope everything will go with little problems. When done
    I will post here the result.

    Kind Regards



    Hi. I am trying to import from Simplepress 5.x to current bbpress.

    It goes OK until it hits about 9000 posts. Then it stops.

    Forum is about 180.000 posts, with about 13.000 threads and 9.000 users.

    Any ideas to what I should do?

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