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Simple registration

  • Hello

    Somebody knows if there is a plugin or is going to be added in the next version a system to simplificate the registration process?

    It would be great one of this things:

    1- anonymous post, just put my name

    2- i have to register, but I can choose my password and I don’t need to wait for a registration mail.

    The main problem I have is that my users are lazy, so if I make them register and wait for a password they are going away…

    Thanks for your comments.

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  • chrishajer


    There was talk a while ago of servers that would not send email, so there was a way to display the password:

    Users dont receive password after registration

    A lot of that discussion was specifically to get around not emailing the password, it displays it instead. It’s not exactly what you need, but maybe the approach could be the same. You could still require username and email, but then their password would be displayed instead of emailed.

    I think also maybe you underestimate your users. The password arrives via email in less than a minute usually. If they can’t hang around for that, why would they hang around on a forum at all?


    This sounds a past issue, yet I would like to add fuel to this thread. Please make me aware if there is already a plug in for this feature. I saw a note of _ck_ requesting this enhancement but I doubt it has gone through over these months yet.

    To txrediakov: I want to enable the user to choose their password, not because of email anymore but because I believe we cannot just deny our users this capability. It is expected in any reasonable website that the user can type her own password.

    To chrishajer: Good information. Now thinking logically: If one can display the password in a window returned after registration I think it could be possible to perform one additional step in the php code to take a password fetched from a custom field in the registration page, then take the bbpress generated password and replace it with the new value.

    However, there is a slight problem. The user can only change her password after she is logged in. Granting the new user access to the account to post right away after registration may pose some kind of security thread to the system and to the accounts of all users. So how could we go about doing this without compromising the security of the system?

    Please you are welcome to contact me as I need to work and solve this issue.


    I have found the trac website with the ticket for your records:

    Now I am thinking that we can achieve this easily:

    0. create custom field for password (at first do not validate with an extra field)

    1. get the registration function to create the account with the given username

    2. get the password be follow through the function and pass it to a second call

    3. the second call will really call the change-password function and will get the passed user defined password to the change-password.

    4. the end.

    Sounds simple but let’s see where our code is.

    0. done

    1. so far bb_update_usermeta -> bb_update_meta-> and now in lines 38 and 39 of register.php on the root we add a line below 38: bb_update_usermeta( $user_id, $key, $$key ); /*this is where the user gets registered */

    As follows: bb_update_user_password( $user_id, “default” ); /* I am assigning here the new password by default which is “default”

    This works! So now I just need to get the string from the custom field and assign it here! Can anyone more experienced than me help me?


    add a previous line fetching the posted value:

    $temp = $_POST;

    and then use:

    bb_update_user_password( $user_id, $temp );

    That is it, you have your system where you can let your users set their own passwords. Any security threads?

    Got this working, but it still emails the user the BS auto generated password. How could we have it email them the password that THEY setup during registration?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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