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Should I consider using bbPress?

  • simonle


    Hi everyone,

    I’ve used bbPress in the past. And now I’ve thought about using it again. But what about all this talk about bbPress dying and closing down I keep seeing everywhere? Are there any truth in these rumors? Should I stay away from bbPress and look for alternatives such as BuddyPress instead?

    Also, the last time I used bbPress I had lots of problems with spambots signing up. Have there been made any improvements in this area? Are there any new plugins or such that can stop these spam bots better than before?

    I am thankful for any advice or comments!

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  • Shivanand Sharma


    bbPress isn’t going anywhere. If you are worried about the lack of initiative in the direction of development, be assured that it will be also be there in bbPress closing down. :)

    They’ve decided to convert bbPress into a WordPress plugin. But that’s been pending for months now. And when that does happen you’ll sitll have bbPress around. Don’t worry… use bbPress. It’s not got some premium themes and plugins too. The community is working on it behind the scenes.

    Process of Illumination


    My experience with bbpress is unfortunately very bad: i am a webmarketing manager (not a developer) and i trusted the “Download, install, and you’re on your way!” they claim on the homepage, but since then i had nothing but frustrations.

    Obviously i chosed bbpress because of the wordpress integration, but it took me months to make it work, and now ii have it, but full of bugs (plugins not working, empty synced comments etc etc etc).

    Unfortunately many people work in my company, and already have many users in my forum, so i just cannot change platform i’ll have to survive with bbpress.

    If you have a simple site, lots of patience, know php and are very religious, go on with bb.

    The Process



    Varun have you ever contribute to this community ?

    all you do is spam about your premium bbpress template, and in my opinion it was not even worth to spent $20.00 to buy your premium theme –“



    Thank you for your comments.

    I am in the need for a light-weight discussion board, preferably something that isn’t tied to WordPress. And for this I think bbPress suits perfectly. But I don’t want to invest time in something that isn’t going nowhere. :/



    bbpress is not going die, open source file will never die.

    well im happy to see more ppl use bbpress not because the wordpress stuff.



    @Process_of_Illumination, you need help with fixing your bbp theme?

    @simonle a few new plugins just been added. A lot of fresh users on here and just here to help.

    Shivanand Sharma


    psycheangels: I’m the author of Openid Plus bbPress plugin just to name one. If the mention of one of my paid works bugs you, say that instead of calling me a spammer. So you are the one who does the reviews without a copy? It may be worth $0 for those who judge by cosmetics and can’t spell “SEO”. If you have feedback about my theme share it at my forum not here. I like your theme… should have taken a few months for hired developers to code it.

    Next thing – try to get me banned. So much for caring for bbPress.



    I’ve run it many times in the past, but as of now, bbPress can only improve by each individual’s contribution. That said, I’ve decided to ditch it for a while and look for the next thing on the list that is on the rise. I found that Vanilla has undertaken a major redesign of their site and is now offering free hosting.

    It’s the only other alternative I see right now that is just as easy and simple as bbPress.

    @josh16 I have tried Vanilla 1.1.10 but unfortunately I find it annoyingly hard to skin. And for some reason I don’t really like their new version 2. :/

    I think I will try out bbPress and see what some of my users think of it.

    Thanks for everyones comments and inputs!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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