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shortcodes meeaning

  • Estellka


    Hello there!
    I would like to understand the difference between

    [bbp-search] – Display the search input form.
    [bbp-search-form] – Display the search form template.

    I tried both of the shortcodes and they gave the same result, and my english is not good enough for me to understand the difference by reading the description. So please help.

    and I have the same question for

    [bbp-reply-form] – Display the ‘New Reply’ form.
    [bbp-single-reply id=$reply_id] – Display a single reply eg. [bbp-single-reply id=32768]

    and for

    [bbp-topic-form] – Display the ‘New Topic’ form where you can choose from a drop down menu the forum that this topic is to be associated with.
    [bbp-topic-form forum_id=$forum_id] – Display the ‘New Topic Form’ for a specific forum ID.
    [bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id] – Display a single topic. eg. [bbp-single-topic id=4096]

    and for

    [bbp-forum-form] – Display the ‘New Forum’ form.
    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] – Display a single forums topics. eg. [bbp-single-forum id=32]

    thank you for your answers!

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  • Robkk


    its all self explatory really.

    you can test them out by creating a test page and putting each shortcode into it to see what it does.

    if you need help finding ids of bbPress post types install this plugin, then look in the certain post types section.

    like say forums , you go to the WordPress back-end and go to forums> all forums and you will see all the forums post id to use for these shortcodes. It would be close to the same procedure for topics and replies.

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