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Setting up a Simple(r) Single-Page Forum

  • gmattwp


    Setting up a new forum, and need some input. (this isn’t an installation question, but it also didn’t fit into any other forum category, so it’s going here until someone lets me know otherwise.)

    Looking to do a single-page forum, with managed/moderated (top level) topics, and open commenting there-after.

    I’m a little unsure of where I need categories/forums/topics.

    I will have a fixed number of categories (my term here, not bbp-catagories I think), that will be “Genres.” I don’t think bbpress-categories work here, as I can only have forums and not posts under them. Also I want the ability to “enable/disable” the active ones, and all of their content, depending on the month.

    Under each category, I want primary “posts”/topics. Each one will be an article, something like either a review or a historical analysis. These will be written by specific authors, and moderated/approved by an admin. Normal users can’t post at this level (although maybe a submission form down the line, but still would have to be approved by a moderator.).

    Then below that, the whole of registered users can comment/discuss. This would be the heart of the forum.

    So it would be more of something like a newssite with comments, than a traditional open-ended forum. [Or like the old slash dot used to be, with primary articles (usually links to other content with a little commentary by the user that submitted it), and the bulk of the community activity was the discussion on each story.] But still would like it driven by bbpress, as that leaves room for future expansion/changes without having to restart.

    So what’s the best way to leverage the categories/forums/topic here?

    3 categories, each with 1 forum in it?
    3 different forums (ignore the category)?
    Try to use something else like tags?

    As this is so simple, I had a question about how to do this on a single page [3 key elements: 1) menu for genre/category, 2) sidebar with recent items for the genre/category, and 3) content area populated from whatever was clicked on in sidebar. No page for individual post. No topics/directory/archive page. Single page is all that’s needed.] but think I need to get the categories/forums/topics sorted out first.

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  • Robin W


    ok I wouldn’t worry about the structure, just create the forums and use multiple shortcodes to build your page


    [bbp-single-forum id=3] 
    [bbp-single-forum id=6] 
    [bbp-single-forum id=8] 

    That way you control the flow

    I’d then switch off breadcrumbs and use the sidebar as navigation.



    Great! Thanks for your input.

    Robin W


    you’re welcome

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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