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Security Issue – TapaTalk

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    If you’re site is using TapaTalk, update now! There was a security flaw found in TapaTalk and they decided NOT to inform anyone or advise anyone to update their files.

    I did not find out until today, when I just happen to scroll over and found a post about it.

    They even publicly admit to patching it silently, but NOT issuing a release or any notice telling people they should replace their files (because they did not even bother changing the version number either).

    So I can only imagine how many sites are using the other copy without knowing they have a problem. This is completely irresponsible.


    This issue has been addressed in April 26th, 9 days before this site published the issue. However, since this is a low risk item – we have simply replaced all the plugins that are affected. If this is concerning you and If you have updated the plugin after April 26th, you are not affected.


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