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Search doesn’t use tags, nor headlines

  • It seems to me as if search in bbPress 0.9x neither uses tags, nor uses headlines to find posts/topics.

    Can anybody confirm this?

    Is there an simple solution?

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  • walkerevans


    I was just thinking the same thing. I’ve run a few tests and it doesn’t appear to search tags or headlines.

    If anyone knows a fix it would be great to hear one! ;)



    There was a recent discussion about how awful search is:

    There was also an unrelated discussion that became related to search (at and

    _ck_ wrote a Super Search plugin that’s much more advanced than the normal search:

    I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks pretty cool!



    Thanks for the links, Chris. As bad as the search is in BBPress, it’s still better than phpBB2 (which I’m migrating from). ;)

    And John, I saw the Super Search, but didn’t want to use it since it’s in super-alpha mode and I need something that will also search WP posts, and it doesn’t seem like that plugin does that. At least not yet. So for now I’m using the WP search plugin:

    Just wondered if there was any way to get Tags/Titles in the existing forum search. Hrm.

    Ah ok, didn’t realize you wanted something to search both WordPress and bbPress. I don’t know if any plugins natively support that – I need to do something similar on my site, but use Google’s custom search engine to pull it off:

    I use a google search on my site for the forums (with a custom return page) and it works pretty well. I have it search my and it gets WP and BB in one.

    Yah, Google search is the best way I know to search multiple *Press sites.

    I should highlight some downsides though:

    * The search is not necessarily live; it’s searching Google’s version of the site, not your live site. So it’s especially important to have live Google Sitemaps on any WordPress or bbPress installs you want searched.

    * You want to make sure that any subdomains do a good job of hiding pages that you don’t want searched. For example, I have MediaWiki on a subdomain… which does a bad job of hiding the editable version of each page (and other random pages too, like WhatLinksHere). I fixed that with plugins and other hacks, but it cluttered my search results for a while.

    Hmm, those are the big downsides. Overall though, you can’t beat the ease of implementation of a Google custom search engine!

    Sam Bauers


    Topic titles are included in searches in 1.0



    Starting with what revision or alpha version, Sam?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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