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Role mapping – is it supposed to be two way?

  • I have bbPress fully integrated with WP 2.5.1 using shared DB and tables. Everything seems to be working fine, except that when users register on bbPress they are shown as having “no role for this blog” on the WP side.

    Role mapping defined in bbPress is: WP-Administrator==bb-Administrator, WP-Editor==bb-Moderator, WP-Author==bb-Member, WP-Contributor==bb-Member, WP-Subscriber==bb-Member.

    I was expecting somemone who signs up to bbPress (with the default Member role) to be given Subscriber status in WP. I can see that there is an ambiguity as to which WP role should be chosen for a bbPress Member, but I guessed the one with lowest privilege, i.e. Subscriber, would apply.

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  • Has anyone else experienced this issue or have I misunderstood how this should work?

    They should be added with the lowest privilege, yes. I’ve noticed that they seem to get added as ‘None’ until they log in to WordPress for the first time with a 2.6.3/1.0alpha2 setup.



    I have the exact same problem but even when they login to wordpress 2.7 they are shown “You don’t have permission to view this page”.

    I have to manually change their role to subscriber which is not ideal at all. It seems to me that bbPress should make a user who registers through the forum a “subscriber” in wordpress but it’s not. I think bbpress should have the same roles as wordpress to cut the confusion down. The whole purpose of using bbpress was because it intregated with wordpress but if it doen’t habdle the roles automatically, I may as well install phpbb or vbulletin.

    I love bbpress, but if I have to perform task manually, what is the benefit of using bbpress?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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