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Restructure The Admin

  • Scott Hartley


    When a user activates the plugin, they get three new items on their wp-admin board. Forums, Topics, and Replies.
    Then in the tools section we have tools to solve basic issues with the plugin.
    Finally in the Settings tab we have the Forums menu again to allow us to control basic settings of the plugin.

    The problem with this layout… It’s TOO much and it’s very scattered. I would think the admin structure would be better if we took all the different items and put them under 1 category. Forum or bbPress whichever sounds better I guess.

    From there we would have the main landing page which would either be the latest update information or the settings page.

    Across the top we would have replies, forums, topics. (in any order I suppose). Then from there we would have the ability to create new or edit past pages in those categories.

    – Much Cleaner administration board
    – Easier to find what you are looking for.
    – More clicking to get to certain sections.

    Just an idea I had because WordPress administration boards seem to be getting cluttered these days.

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  • Robkk


    combining the replies/topics/forums section i can see something good about , i think ive seen a plugin customize the look to look like this way actually.

    the items at the top i dont agree with you , if you want something like that use this instead.

    if you can put some images of the layout you would like to see.

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