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Reply-To-address including topic id

  • sndstrm


    I already coded a private bbPress Plugin, that extends it to something like Mailman.
    It just periodically catches mails to @forum.domain.tld via IMAP and adds a new reply to the topic with the Mail content (quotation skipped).
    The notification is tweaked: the Reply-To header is replaced by reply-[topic-id]@forum.domain.tld, so the user can easily reply to the topic. But this is currently done by completely replacing the bbp_notify_topic_subscribers function with my own one (including the original content, just replacing the Reply-To).
    All calls to bbp_subscription_mail_headers and bbp_subscription_from_email or bbp_subscription_to_email are just called with $headers or the address itself. As of 1.5.6 the Reply-To is no longer set by bbPress.

    Will there be a way to include the topic-id (preferred in header altering) in upcoming releases? Or maybe a solution by bbPress itself to respond to notification Mails?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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