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Reply CSS issue in Parabola theme

  • bhsdiceclimber


    Hi All – I maintain a very simple site for an astronomy group ( on a volunteer basis, and we recently migrated to wordpress so I’m still a newbie. I recently installed bbpress and everything seemed to be working very well. However, while testing I noticed that replies to a topic are rendering the area where the username and avatar would go on the extreme right edge of the screen. The forum’s not publicly visible as of yet, but a screenshot of what’s happening is below:

    Reply render failure

    bbpress version: 2.5.10-6063
    wordpress: 4.6.1
    theme: parabola

    This does appear to be theme-related since when I tested with 2016 it rendered properly. Searching the forum I couldn’t find anything similar, so would anyone have an idea as to what’s happening or a suggestion for a fix? Although I’m a software engineer, java and c++ are my areas, not php/css – so go easy 😉

    Thanks in advance for the help!


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  • Robkk


    Its a common issue related to WordPress comments theme styling having issues with bbPress replies since they have a common class attribute .reply.

    Since your theme is a free WP theme, I was able to test it out real quick to see the issues.

    Use all this custom CSS, add it into a child themes style.css file or in a custom css plugin.

    Know that if it does not work, try adding !important at the end, for example like this.

    Also know that some of the CSS is for your replies links color, so change that if you end up changing your links color so that it would match.

    .example {
      position: relative !important;
      right: auto !important;

    Here is all the custom CSS you would need to use to fix your theme related issue.

    #bbpress-forums .reply a {
      position: relative;
      right: auto;
      bottom: auto;
      display: initial;
      padding: 0;
      border: none;
      font-size: inherit;
      text-transform: none;
      -webkit-transition: none;
      transition: none;
    #bbpress-forums .reply a {
      border-color: inherit;
      color: #BF4D28;
    #bbpress-forums .reply a:hover {
      color: #E6AC27;
      background-color: inherit;



    Robkk – Thank you! That worked perfectly. Talk about spectacular support, you guys rock.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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