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Removed sidebar bbPress 2.1.1

  • Hi guys

    I just installed bbPress 2.1.1 but when I go to the forum main page the sidebar still appears in the right column, I want to know if there-was a way to remove it?

    thank you

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  • DramaticBaby


    I have about the same problem as you. I know one way to remove it though, but unfortunately it’s time consuming.

    Go into “/plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/extras” and copy all templates into “themes/my-child-theme/” root folder. After that I have to go into every single template and remove the line with “get_sidebar();”

    Is there any easier way to get rid of that sidebar?

    Thank you, I just remove the line where sidebar on all files, but the right column still appears: (



    Did y’all find an easier way to modify the sidebar? I want to keep the sidebar, but it is not registering with the theme I am using and pulling up some default sidebar. I don’t want to have to go in and edit each one. I’d appreciate hearing what y’all did.



    By the way, in your instance you can just edit the CSS and hide it that way. That will be much easier than going into each file and editing it. Mine is not pulling the right sidebar though and that is the problem here. Grrr..

    Having better control over the sidebar in bbPress is a very common request and there is even a trac ticket for it.

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to handle this automatically. Each theme/framework handles the placement of the sidebar differently, so we can’t bbPress (or a plugin) can’t simply say “don’t show the sidebar” – it’s going to require modifications to your theme.

    For those of you who want control over your sidebar, are flexible with theme you are using, and are not comfortable editing your current theme, there is another solution out there.

    I created a plugin for sites running on the Genesis Framework called bbPress Genesis Extend. This plugin primarily builds in bbPress compatibility for the Genesis Framework, however it also ads in a few handy extra features – namely full sidebar control.

    If you use the Genesis Framework and this plugin, it allows you to choose what layout you want to use on bbPress pages (full width page, content-sidebar, sidebar-content, etc). Additionally it also has the option to create a dedicated sidebar for bbPress pages, which would allow you to use bbPress widgets on the bbPress portion of your site.

    Hopefully as bbPress becomes more popular, other themes and frameworks will build in similar features which will give site administrators control over the layout/sidebar without having to touch any of the code in your theme.



    Jeffvand: There are a few plugins that allow you to pull in and show custom Sidebars. Two Examples:

    These work with Custom Types Ie it recognises the Forums and You can select for them to have their own sidebar:
    But I prefer

    Hope this helps.

    I too want to remove the sidebar completly. What part of the CSS would I need to remove. Could you send some more detailed instructions of what code and in what CSS files I need to remove. It is only on Forum pages I want to remvoe sidebars.



    I have the same issue. The sidebar is cutting off all the RH text of people’s forum posts plus hiding the all-important Submit button. What were once very robust forums in Drupal are now dead in the water in WordPress due to this issue.

    I want all the forum pages and posts to be full-width, like the main forums page where I placed the short code. I’m willing to pay someone to help resolve this, since I don’t know how to do coding or create child themes, and can’t use the Genesis plugin since I’m not using a Genesis framework. Any links anyone can point to for help? Thanks. (By the way I now see that this very forum suffers a bit from the same issue—the message box is cut off on the right and the green Submit button is partially cut off—but at least people can see it.)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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