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Remove Private: label prefix

  • dvharrison



    I have just set up BBpress on one of our websites (not live yet) and everything seems to be working ok except for one little problem:

    I have marked the forum private as I would prefer people to register first rather than bombard the forum with spam etc. But this generates a new problem as the private forum is automatically given a prefix of “Private:”

    Please advise how I can removed the said prefix? I saw a thread for a bit of code to change this but it doesn;’t say which page it needs to be added to:

    Please any help is gratefully received.


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  • davegarlock


    I have the same problem; most of my forums are private, and I would like it so they didn’t appear as Private: FORUM NAME in the forum index. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    For ‘protected’

    add_filter('protected_title_format', 'ntwb_remove_protected_title');
    function ntwb_remove_protected_title($title) {
    	return '%s';

    And for ‘private’

    add_filter('private_title_format', 'ntwb_remove_private_title');
    function ntwb_remove_private_title($title) {
    	return '%s';



    Just wanted to confirm that this worked for me, I had found an older solution that also was meant to be applied to the theme’s functions.php file that, in-turn, broke some things in buddyPress – namely, was presenting the profile name as an HTML-a-href link presented as text – using this code, which is presented as an example in the WordPress Codex worked without any further breakings (that I am currently aware of). Thank you, Stephen



    Thank you for this, it still works and appears to have solved my problem of the “private:” prefix



    Hi, so I have an odd problem. First, mine doesn’t just say “private”, it says “private: private”.

    Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to make the forum private and yet give people access to it–it seems like an all or nothing deal (the only reason I was considering making it private was to avoid spam. Changing the page’s status to private prevents anyone but the admin from seeing, hidden makes the forum not even come up, and public seems to get me attacked by spam bots. Does anyone know how alter permissions or have any easy alternative?


    Robin W


    private just restricts it to user with logins, so participants can see private topics

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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