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Registration Email Not Being Sent – new issue

  • Hello all,

    When I installed bbpress intially, everything worked fine. After about a month of use though, the email message is not being sent during registration. I assume this might be due to a change with my host (dreamhost) but I don’t have any idea where to start looking for the problem.

    I also have many wordpress blogs installed across dreamhost and have experienced no such problem on any of them.

    Can someone please point me in a direction (to test) that might lead to a solution?



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  • Hi,

    I’ve got the same problem, but with another host(Hosteurope).

    I solved it after I’ve asked my hoster. When sending an Email from my host, I need to add a -f parameter to the sendmail function.

    Doing so in BBPress you will need to add a valid (and known for the server) Email-adress in line 90 of your bbpress-root-folder/bb-includes/backpress/class.mailer.php file from


    * Sets the Sender email (Return-Path) of the message. If not empty,

    * will be sent via -f to sendmail or as 'MAIL FROM' in smtp mode.

    * @var string


    var $Sender = '';


    var $Sender = '';

    I hope this might help some of you :)


    If you don’t have backpress you can also modify your bb_mail function (in bb-includes/pluggable.php)

    just add the email you want as return-path.

    before ::

    $headers = trim(join(“rn”, $headers));


    $headers = trim(join(“rnReturn-Path: from@mydomain.comrn”, $headers));

    It is not elegant but it works.

    Remember it is hardcoded, you’ll have to change it manually if you want to change your later.

    Ben L.


    golan03, that would add Return-Path between every header.


    I’ve the same problem with Hosteurope and the solution posted by possessed works fine, but is it possible to fix this by a plugin? So that I don’t have to change the source (each update). On WordPress I’m using this for example.




    Hi guys!

    Unfortunately going through this problem with registration emails (((

    Mail can be send from a server where I keep the website, I created mailer.php as suggested above and everything works. But not with bbPress and WordPress I’ve installed. WordPress and bbPress are integrated and I use bbPress registration form for the whole site.

    Hosting provider – godaddy. In config host is different from localhost.

    I wrote to them, they advised:

    “If you use the mail() function in your PHP, you do not need to specify an outgoing mail server.”

    I tried to modify class.mailer putting email I’ve created on account and tried to change $Host but still nothing works ((( Could anyone help what to modify, how to make this thing work.





    Hi Sunnie,

    The first thing to check is if WordPress can send registration emails.

    If it can, then we have a bbPress issue.

    If it can’t then it’s a server issue, and the quickest resolution is to contact your hosts and use the WordPress support forum (as there are more people on there).

    Test and let us know :)



    No, WordPress dsnt send them as well (((

    Well, host said that it’s a script error and they can’t help. Only thing they wrote and I posted it above is:

    “If you use the mail() function in your PHP, you do not need to specify an outgoing mail server. If you are using some other method besides mail() in your PHP code, use for your relay server.”



    That makes sense.

    You shouldn’t really need to change anything, thats the joy of the default mail() function. I’m not sure what drove you to make the changes in the first place (this 3+ year old thread isn’t the best place to get data, alot has changed since 2006).

    I’d get rid of whatever changes you made, and then test on WordPress.

    If that fails, then it’s off to the WordPress support forum for some help.

    host said that it’s a script error and they can’t help

    Did they happen to give you the error? that will help the WordPress folks sort it quicker



    Yeah, I know that this topic is old, a pity it’s not very busy here :-/ Well, I wanted to use bbPress registration because there are more fields in it and i dnt want to mess up installing extra-plugins to WP to get all necessary datas from users when I could get all needed from bbPress.

    All changes i was trying to do in class.mailer.php is to put registered email to $Sender end played with $Host because it’s not localhost at godaddy hosting.

    It didnt work with WordPress before I started to change anything anyway.

    Sorry, I’m not a hardcoder and this bloody thing causes me headache already a week. Didnt happen on testhosting :-/

    But thank you for reply!!!



    well, just had an answer that i should leave localhost. well, i uploaded back an old file and still nothing. and just read on your blog that bbPress is dead. very pity :-/ idea was very nice!



    In terms of going forward as a standalone piece of software, yeah, it effectively is.

    But the software you have and you can always use, and if it works for you, go for it. I, and all others here, are in the sme boat, and the basics of bbPress are quite brilliant.

    I’d be suprised if you should have to change “localhost”, but if there’s no emails comign through from your goDaddy account at all, and you’re using the default mail(), then it’s at their end :)

    Good Luck



    Thank you!

    Hello there,

    8 year after the making of this thread, i’m still having the same problem. I’m italian (sorry for my english), and i’m using and italian hosting ( I’ve tryed the email script in PHP (mailer.php) and it worked (even if the email arrived as spam), i’m using an email created on the service provider as email for WordPress…so what’s wrong? Looks like BBpress changed a lot and can’t work on the files as someone said in the thread cause they’ve changed. I’m also trying to contact the hosting, but still didn’t get any answer.

    Any ideas?




    This topic was for issues made in bbPress version 1 which was a standalone version, the latest is a plugin for WordPress. The registration process on your site is mostly handled by WordPress. bbPress does have a registration form shortcode, but even that kind of piggybacks off of the WordPress registration form. If there is something wrong with your regular WordPress emails, which might include new comment emails for WordPress comments then you definitely need to hear from your hosting provider. If it is just the registration emails sent to users, you might need to contact WordPress support on their forums.

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