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Registration Email Not Being Sent – new issue

  • Hello all,

    When I installed bbpress intially, everything worked fine. After about a month of use though, the email message is not being sent during registration. I assume this might be due to a change with my host (dreamhost) but I don’t have any idea where to start looking for the problem.

    I also have many wordpress blogs installed across dreamhost and have experienced no such problem on any of them.

    Can someone please point me in a direction (to test) that might lead to a solution?



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  • I think bb requires a certain PHP mail class, which Dreamhost may not have. Did the problem start when you swapped provider?

    No, I’ve been with DreamHost from the start. That’s what baffles me so.



    Can you make sure you can still send email from your server? If you have ssh/command line access, you can try this:

    php -r 'mail( '', "subject: test", "message: test", 'From:');'

    If you have FTP access, put this into a file called mailer.php (or whatever.php you want) and then navigate to it with a browser”

    mail( '', "subject: test", "message: test", 'From:');
    echo "Mail should have been sent, check your inbox";

    Once you know if you can send email from your server, you can move forward.

    Check your junk email filters.


    Thanks for the message. I got this error

    Error in Argument 1, char 2: option not found r






    That is with the command line version? The -r just tells it to run the following code without the <?php ?> tags. Maybe they don’t have a command line version installed for your use.

    Did you try the web php version?


    Hi Chris,

    The php version works fine. I’m not sure what the -r errror was all about.





    The -r just means they don’t have command line php installed.

    So, if you can send mail from the server, where are the registration emails going? Did you check the spam/bulk/junk folder as suggested by SamBauers? Or is everything working fine now?

    That’s my question, Chris…

    Where are they going?

    Yes, I’ve checked the spam filters and have checked multiple mail services – yahoo, hotmail, gmail – none of them are receiving the message.

    I’m not sure what the deal is.


    I got that problem in a different way….I receive email when using a gmail account or yahoo account but not with

    I went to hotmail and set things so it wont block emails from my server and still nothing, not even in the junk folder etc.

    I’m having that exact problem with dreamhost – no e-mails, any suggestions?

    I can’t see how bbPress would be any different than wordpress in terms of the mail usage, so:

    Emailed passwords not received

    Description: When users try to register with your blog or change their passwords by entering their username and email, WordPress says that their password has been emailed to them, but it’s never received.

    Reason and Solution: WordPress uses the standard php mail function, which uses sendmail. No account information is needed. This is not generally a problem if you’re using a hosting service, but if you’re using your own box and don’t have an SMTP server, the mail won’t ever send. If you’re using a *NIX box, you should have either postfix or sendmail on your machine; you’ll just need to set them up (google for how-to’s). If you don’t want to go through setting up a complete mail server on you *NIX box you may find ssmtp ( useful – it provides “A secure, effective and simple way of getting mail off a system to your mail hub”. On a Windows machine, try a sendmail emulator like Glob SendMail (

    More help can be found on the forums at:

    Translation, there are posts in the normal forums as well that even dreamhost for whatever reason doesn’t send the passwords out through sendmail. I would look in the dreamhost support as well, maybe an answer is right there for you to grab ;)


    @Trent, this is nice post!

    @AndrewMac, why don’t you just ask Dreamhost’s support? You know, your hosting fee includes getting support from them. Although, sometimes, finding a solution on our own is faster then counting on them. But. who knows? maybe they already manage a solution for bbPress? If so, please must post the solution!

    The irony is that I’m using WP on same site (integrated with BBpress) and the WP side of it works fine. At any rate, thanks for the feedback!



    AndrewMac, did you try the test in this post:

    That will confirm if you can send mail from your server. It’s odd that WordPress works but bbPress does not. Is it possible the $bb->admin_email needs to be a real email address for the mails to be sent by your host? Is that a real email account?

    Also, are there any mail logs or error logs? Maybe that would provide a clue.

    This might be a silly question, but DH (I am a user as well) recently was having email backups for accounts that forward to Gmail. Are you by chance forwarding your DH email?

    I guess the easiest to do thus far would just send the registrations over to the WP side for now until you can get it resolved. What is the forum so I can maybe poke around a bit?


    @Trent – Also, there’s been a new development. Apparently, BBpress is sending e-mails out, but after 14 hours… So yes it can send e-mails, but isn’t for some bizarre reason.

    14 HOURS??? You will lost many users!



    Sounds like a server problem, not a bbPress problem. It’s not like bbPress sits there and waits 14 hours before sending the email. It has to be something with the SMTP server or mail queue.

    thanks for the pointers, I’m headed over to dreamhost to boot some behind now!

    Hi All,

    I have BBpress integrated with WordPress. We just launched the forums yesterday and noticed that users were registering, but not posting. After some testing it looks like the password emails are being sent, but they can take up to five minutes. Users seem to be getting impatient and leaving. We are on a hosted service and the email service works just fine so it’s not the server. Any ideas what is happening?



    I can’t see a way that bbPress would be responsible. The email is sent right before the registration success message is sent. From register.php lines 39-41:

    do_action('register_user', $user_id);

    bb_load_template( 'register-success.php', $_globals );


    So, after the register_user action (which emails the password) the success message is displayed. There is no delay built into bbPress. So, it is somewhere after bbPress has handed off the email.

    Is is possible there is a different header in the bbPress password message that causes it to be delayed by the recipient’s ISP? I know there is a Precedence: bulk header in the bbPress email, and that WordPress has the same, but there is also a X header in the WordPress email that I don’t see in the bbPress email: X-Priority: 3 (which means “normal” delivery.) It could also be due to the email address the email is coming from (some sort of validation by the SMTP server to see if the sender is valid.)

    I would say the problem is with the server sending the emails, or the recipient’s ISP, not with bbPress. I can’t come up with any ideas at all how bbPress could be responsible.

    bbPress passes of the email to PHP immediately. So timing is all going to depend on how your web host handles email sent from their web-servers. Some throttling of emails may be in place to discourage spamming via badly configured web based email forms. This is not unreasonable of them to do if that’s the case. You’ll need to talk to them to get this changed for you if possible.



    Coming back to this:

    Are you using IIS 5 or 6 as the server? I started looking into it and it seems like the IIS SMTP server returns a 501 error when it receives the bbPress email. Is yours IIS?

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