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Registration Email

  • I am trying to locate or even find out if it is possible to change the “New User” registration email. The default one gives no instructions regarding changing your password etc.., Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • _ck_


    There is a filter on the $message

    $message = apply_filters( 'bb_send_pass_message', $message, $user, $pass );

    So yes, you can change it now without hacking the core.

    Plugin Name: New User Email Message
    function new_user_email_message($message,$user) {

    $message.="n You can also change your password at any time by editing your profile. n";

    return $message;

    Thanks _ck_! Where would I implement this? Functions core?

    Also, I have added another registration input field via functions.core and now I would like to add “*” next to the required fields but am not sure where to do this without it showing up in the users profile.

    This has been resolved I just need some more details. I just need to know where I would implement this.



    Oh sorry, I lost track, too many things going on everywhere.

    Save it into a plugin (ie. custom-registraton-email.php) put it into your my-plugins/ directory and activate.

    Hello _ck_, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this option is not working for me.

    My steps were….MKDIR>my-plugins/>new folder>custom-registraton-email.php>copy and paste the plugin you provided>activated>still getting the same registration default email.



    Note that filter is only available in bbPress 1.0 and 1.1, if you are trying to do it in 0.9 it will not work.

    In 0.9 unfortunately you’d have to edit the end of registration-functions.php

    I have bbpress 1.0.2

    Hello _ck_, I appreciate the help, however I had to go another route because of the plugin issue.

    To anyone else who is trying to edit the registration email, Note:


    !!You are going to want to copy and paste all content in this file to notepad to assure that you have it incase something happens!!

    Towards the bottom of the page you will see the new user email content. There you can add text to the email.

    Thanks again _ck_

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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