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Redirect wrong after logging out

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  • same issue here. For testing just to make sure if any of my other plugins or themes are not the cause, I have installed bbPress on a fresh WP install without any other plugins and I get the same error.

    any solutions yet?

    Regis Fortes


    I had the same problem. It seems the environment variables used at the function bbp_logout_url inside

    bbp-common-functions.php was not working well at http server here or are deprecated. So, I changed the line <$redirect_to = home_url( isset( $_SERVER ) ? $_SERVER : ” );> with this one <$redirect_to = $_SERVER.$_SERVER;>. I do not know if this fixed the problem definitly , because i am testing yet, but the redirect error stoped to occur.


    See the following forum topic for details of the issue and the fix:

    [help] Link Log out error after bbPress installed


    The patch mentioned above fixes my logout redirect problem, but the login still redirects to a 404 b/c it’s still adding the sub-directory name to the URL twice. Any advice very welcome!

    Update… I found this thread

    Logout error when bbPress plugin is active

    which suggested to comment out lines 938 and 939 of bbp-user-template.php.

    Doing that makes the 404 go away. But now I’m being redirected to my S2member login welcome page… which I don’t want. I want forum users who log in to be re-directed to the last forum page they were on. Seems like that’s what bbpress is trying to do, it’s just adding an extra subdomain in the forum url.

    Sorry for the bump. Just thought I would add that info in case it helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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