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Redirect Login target parent

  • Hi I am integrated with wordpress and am using the bb_press login to handle the users login and registration. The login is housed under the wordpress roof, meaning I want to blogs look but with the bbpress login. So I placed an iframe between header and footer for when they click login.

    Well, My problem is that from this iframe I don’t know how to get bb-login.php to target the parent when its done and not stay within the iframe. And yes, I need the iframe, how else could I use the bbpress login while still making the users feel they are within the confines of the blog?

    Help please! Did I post in the right forum. If not help me know where to post so I get help quick!

    Thanks a million in advance!

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  • chrishajer


    I’m not sure about the iframe issue at all. Many people would like the forum to look like the WordPress blog. Normally you end up having to create a bbPress theme that looks like your blog theme.

    How about using this redirect trick to get them where you want them after submitting the form?

    Thank you much for your reply! So I can just place:


    if ($re == ‘http://#postform’) {

    echo $_SERVER.’#postform';

    } else {




    in the bb-login.php? Where about? Do I replace somthing with it?

    I tried placing it for value=”” in the login.php of the template and it produced an error that said it has created a loop that will never end.

    Alright, I placed a direct link to where I wanted to point in value=”” and it now works. Thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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