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reCaptcha question

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  • @mica123

    This is not 100% related to bbpress, but to answer from a personal point, I’m using Theme My Login and Wangguard plugins without issues.

    If you really want to code yourself, you could start from or similar pages




    Thank you. I found Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha here.
    I could try this.

    I am not sure if I could use WangGuard – I am really looking for a good antispam plugin which will work with bbpress. Akismet is usually recommended – but it is for personal use. I am not sure if it is free for non-profits? I read high praise for Antispam Bee but it’s unfortunately not working with bbpress it seems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    I am also interested in this topic


    First of all, don’t mix the goals of the plugins. Your initial question is about wp-login, so Wangguard and TML are dealing with that.
    If you deviate on Antispam Bee and Akismet, then you more talk about checking what is posted, not the posters.

    Wangguard is free and SHOULD remain free for small non-profit organizations. See FAQ ( WangGuard is free during these first months after our launch around the world. Later it will continue to be free for all users with personal blogs that do not exceed 200€ per month in revenue or 6,000 requests per month.

    I did not see a specific support question that indicated that Antispam Bee did not work with bbpress, but I never tested.




    For registration

    Wanguard is considered freemium since it has a request limit.

    The Advanced no captcha plugin is good to use across your site especially for registration. Wanguard also has a honeypot feature for registration too.

    Dealing with Spam

    For Post protection

    I don’t think Antispam Bee works with bbPress, there is a plugin that is based off it though that works with bbPress (bbPress antispam), but I think it is having issues lately.

    Akismet is free for non-profits and has integrated code in bbPress for it to work.

    Dealing with Spam



    @robkk, thank you – exactly what I needed to know. As always your reply is very helpful and informative.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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