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Recalculating breaks the entire forum and topics!

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    I’ve been struggling with a serious import problem since may 2016.
    Issue #1 My BBpress forums will not migrate properly with conventional WordPress import/export built in tool.
    Issue #2 When I use WP ALL Import (pro bundle) to get a CSV I can actually work with, and manually update the USER ID table and Forum ID and Parent ID, the import works (Forums and Topics are matched up properly) but tool>BBpress>recaculate will completely break the forum, I need to be able to recalculate once in a while… not being able to do this is a problem. And even to get the imports working I have to manually change IDs in the CSVs in order for the imports to match content up properly. And even when using vlookup in Excel, it is painstakingly difficult to manually create a dual reference column where column one is the old ID (for old website forum) and column two is the new ID (for new website forum). This is why I don’t have a fixed CSV for replies yet. I’ve thousands of them.

    Authors of WP ALL Import have been of no substantial help. Please any help because I’ve been paying for my old server and new server for months now and it’s gotten very expensive.

    Data columns including in Forum Export is:
    id Title Content Post Type Date Order Parent Slug Author Status _bbp_status _bbp_old_forum_id _bbp_forum_parent_id _bbp_forum_subforum_count _bbp_topic_count_hidden _vc_post_settings _bbp_status _yoast_wpseo_title _bbp_forum_id _bbp_last_topic_id _bbp_last_reply_id _bbp_last_active_id _bbp_last_active_time _bbp_topic_count _bbp_total_topic_count _bbp_reply_count _bbp_total_reply_count

    Data columns included in Topic Export is:
    "id Title Content Date Post Type Permalink _bbp_old_topic_id _bbp_reply_count _bbp_total_reply_count _bbp_author_ip _bbp_old_sticky_status _bbp_topic_id _bbp_forum_id _bbp_last_reply_id _bbp_last_active_id _bbp_last_active_time _bbp_voice_count _vc_post_settings vc_teaser Status Author Slug Order Parent Comment Status"

    Data columns included in Replies Export is:
    id Content Date Post Type Permalink Status Author Slug Parent Order Comment Status Ping Status _bbp_post_id _bbp_author_ip _vc_post_settings _bbp_activity_id _bbp_topic_id _bbp_forum_id

    For Forum’s I updated Author IDs.
    For Topic’s I updated Author IDs, Parent, and _bbp_forum_id

    After a successful import for these two post types,
    bbpress recalculate will completely break the posts’ hierarchy.

    I’ve yet to find a way to get replies to import successfully due to the shear number of replies and _bbp_topic_id’s I’d have to update the new IDs for.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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