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    Hey guys, remember me? :)

    I got slammed last semester with classes, working full time, changing jobs, being newly married (and all the stuff that comes with that… if you’re married, I’m sure you know what I mean)… so I completely had to lay off playing with bbpress (hence, none of my plugins have been updated in a few months).

    Well, once the semester was over and things settled down for a week, I decided to revamp my site. My site is a home for 6 blogs, forums, mail, etc… and it is all tied together via the front page. Once I got that looking good, I moved to the forums which I just made live today (which means I’m sure I’ll find more stuff that needs to be adjusted over the next week).

    I revamped the whole nav system for the forums. It’s all done through a simple and small menu at the top. Of course, if you login you can see more icons. If you have an unread PM you are notified by the normal icon blinking.

    This summer looks to be continually busy, especially at work, but I still hope to update some of my plugins soon. Sorry to those of you who have made requests that have gone unanswered.

    The link:

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  • Very much so :)

    Good that you’re back, then. The memberlist thing looks quite cool; feel like sharing it as a plugin? I really like the little menu you have there.

    Your forums look good, but I think it would help if you rounded those corners using Photoshop, Gimp (free) or (also free), which should add anti-aliasing to them :P

    Also thanks for the IE min-height hack, that’ll be useful.



    I did round the corners. Do you not see them? Err, which corners are you talking about? I rounded all containers using gimp.

    Memberlist is one of my plugins. It actually has the most updates :)

    I see the corners, they just looked pixelated to me. I just prefer them smoothed out with anti-aliasing and I thought Gimp does that. :S

    Ahh, excellent. Another oversight :P



    yeah, I made the rounded corners kinda hard… what resolution do you run at? You’re probably just notice it more than I do… I should go back and fade them out a bit. That might look nice :)

    1280 x 1024, an LCD too, which might make all the difference. You don’t get the natural gaussian blur of of CRTs; are you using a CRT? Could that be the difference?



    Naw, I got rid of all my CRTs. I think I do see it, I just don’t notice it. Understand, I’m not artistic at all. All I did to make the rounded corners was take a round paint brush and put a dot on a blank thing, then split it into 1/4ths to make each corner I would need.

    I can probably blur them up, I’ll just have to play with it :)

    Excellent stuff Joshua!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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