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Random html characters in emails

  • regeisle


    I’m having all sorts of html code show up as part of bbpress email notifications. Worst when the text is pasted in from other webpages or emails, but that’s unavoidable with lots of people using a forum.

    Even random   characters when someone types directly in the editor.

    I’m using wordpress’s built in mce editor with only visual mode available. Latest versions of wp and bb. Are there any solutions to fix this?


    Thanks in advance! Rich

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  • Robkk


    I think I created a trac ticket for this type of issue, but it might be something I found related to TinyMCE, so I will need to check on that.



    Thanks for the quick reply! I think the issue is that even with plain text pasting, there’s still some formatting that’s not getting stripped out.

    Following these steps,, I’ve disabled the <text> tab to lock it on visual editing and set it to paste as plain text.

    My ideal setup would be to make everything paste in as totally unfortmatted plain text so it’s just like they typed it directly, but then use the visual editor features to let people add links, bold things, etc. It’s not a knowledgeable userbase so I can’t default it to text/code mode, but I also need to get rid of these formatting bugs.

    Any suggestions to achieve what I’m after above? This seems like it would be a pretty common setup for basic user editing needs….

    Thanks again! Rich



    I think it is how the subscriptions work, this might be a reason TinyMCE was disabled by default too, and also for security reasons.

    There may not be an easy way to fix this without editing the core files of bbPress.

    Like I said I created this trac ticket awhile ago that is about this issue. It might take awhile before a patch is made into the bbPress plugin update though.

    There are (at least) a couple of tickets on this in the bbPress trac, no. 2722 and no. 2865.

    No. 2865 has a patch marked “under consideration”. In case it helps anybody, we’ve wrapped this patch as a plugin for bbPress 2.5.8:

    This should help to fix problems with HTML entities in notification emails on vanilla bbPress installs. It’s intended as a workaround until the issue gets fixed in bbPress core.

    The plugin won’t remove stray HTML or CSS in forum posts. Rogue markup like this can be caused by cut-and-paste operations in TinyMCE, aka the Visual Editor, if you have it enabled in bbPress. If you’re having these problems, we have another free plugin called “Forum Beginner Posts” in the repository. It enables TinyMCE for bbPress in paste-as-text mode by default.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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