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Question & Course of Action?

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    This is the HiddenCity website that I want to rebuild completely in WordPress/bbPress.

    This is plain a vanilla copy of Twenty Ten theme modified with the bbPress forum plugin.

    I started out with html/css/javascript to skin the domain it’s loaded on. With WordPress added on a few years later and the bbPress added last year. To say the least I am not happy with the result. My work is conceptually flawed and poorly executed. The only good thing is that I learned a lot about WordPress and bbPress.

    With the 2015 presentation of a rebuilt HiddenCity website I intend to adopt the style of Montezuma theme while keeping the data and livery (colors and logo). The following link is an example of how I want the prototype bbPress forums on my personal site to look except with the Montezuma theme. After I’ve got it worked out on my personal site I’ll use what I’ve learned to upgrade the HiddenCity site.

    This is the only part that I’m not sure is possible. I want to make the following modifications.

    • forum topic to be the posts
    • categories to be forums
    • comments are replace by replies to the post

    In this case the the beginning of the last three or four replies showing with the topic again which appears as a post. The unregistered User can only see a static page and a forum for newcomers. I shouldn’t have to do anything to the Montezuma theme aside from the mods needed to make WordPress/bbPress execute the list above and tweak its colors to match the corporate livery of The HiddenCity Foundation.

    Thank you.

    PS — I don’t mind compensating someone for their time and attention in order to get this done.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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