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Problem with user capabilities and AJAX

  • I’ve written my own custom plugin to have bbPress use my site’s authentication system (it’s not wordpress). It’s working beautifully (for the most part). I replace bb_is_user_logged_in and bb_current_user (and the latter sets bb_set_current_user).

    The problem is this: AJAX calls to add a new tag, to remove an existing tag (your own or as admin), or to delete a post all fail with a “you don’t have permission to do that”. I see that other plugins have had that problem too. However, if I submit the request using the old school (non-AJAX) url, it works just fine.

    So I’m guessing there’s something unique in the AJAX calls and that code seems dense to me. Can anyone suggest some places to check first?

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  • Sam Bauers


    There is a change to the way AJAX calls are checked for permission in the next release (0.9, coming any day now I swear).

    So this may just fix itself when you move to bbPress 0.9 – in any case, I wouldn’t try to fix it right now as the changes in 0.9 will probably break your fix anyway.

    thanks, sam,

    I neglected to mention that I was working on an build of 0.9 from a few days ago. Is this a change that you checked in recently? either way, I guess I can wait for the final release to re-check it. but let me know.

    Sam Bauers


    Change went in yesterday, try an svn update.

    Sam, the offical 0.9.01 release fixed the problem. nicely done!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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