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Problem with "Slow Down…" and more

  • TheUnknownRanger


    I’ve just installed the bbPress 2.0-beta-2b in WordPress 3.1.3. Regardless of the browser (FF Mac, FF Win7, IE 6-9) I get the Slow down error, and cannot post.

    Here’s a url to the error screen. It offers no clues so I’m hoping you can. I’m happy to provide any info that can help solve this.


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  • Anointed


    Normally that happens when you try to make a post followed by another post or reply to quickly. I don’t know what the time limit is, but it can be adjusted.

    If it is happening all the time, even after waiting a few minutes between posts, then there could be an issue for JJ to look into. To date, I have not run into the slow down screen unless I post very very fast.

    Are you able to make a new forum topic if you wait a few minutes?

    If not.. I’m sure JJ will look into it

    John James Jacoby


    I’m mobile at the moment, but it’s worth looking at the settings to see what the timeout is set at. Strangely, in your screen shot you’re logged in as an admin so you should be skipping the throttle check. I’ll look into it.



    Here are the settings. It doesn’t matter if I’m logged in as admin or a vanilla user, same problem. And the other problem I have is I can’t post to this forum from FF in my Mac. I’m in a Win7 VM now using IE 9.

    Settings are currently restrictive while I sort this out.

    Main Settings

    Main settings for the bbPress plugin

    Lock post editing after 15 minutes

    Throttle time 60 seconds

    Allow Favorites No Allow users to mark topics as favorites?

    Allow Subscriptions No Allow users to subscribe to topics

    Allow Anonymous Posting No Allow guest users without accounts to create topics and replies

    Per Page

    Per page settings for the bbPress plugin

    Topics Per Page 15 per page

    Replies Per Page 15 per page

    Per RSS Page

    Per RSS page settings for the bbPress plugin

    Topics Per Page 15 per page

    Replies Per Page 15 per page

    Archive Slugs

    Include custom root slugs to prefix your forums and topics with. These can be partnered with WordPress pages to allow more flexibility.

    Forums Base forums

    Topics Base topics

    Single Slugs

    You can enter custom slugs for your single forums, topics, replies, and tags URLs here. If you change these, existing permalinks will also change.

    Forum Prefix Yes Incude the Forum Base slug in your single forum item links

    Forum slug forum

    Topic slug topic

    Topic tag slug tag

    Reply slug reply

    User base users

    View base view



    I’ve made some progress, functionally. I set the throttle to 0 and was able to create a post and a reply to the post. On the reply I logged in as a different non-admin user which worked fine. But then I noted something – on viewing the topics window it claims I modified the topic 7 hours ago. It was less than 1 minute ago, in actuality. So something seems wonky in the time keeping and I’ll try to sort that out. There may be a php.ini setting required. I’ll drop a date function in the loop and see what it says. Think too I’ll open a MySql session and see what the time/date is for these posts.

    Edit: I just realized the time error is a timezone error. I’m UTC-7 but running PHP 4.3.? which doesn’t have some of the 5.x time functionality.

    A consequence of this timing problem is that I cannot edit the message as that timeout “expired” too. My logical side makes me think of there is a system error it would be at both ends of the transaction, though.

    Regarding this forum, is there a setting required on my end to post here from FireFox (Mac)?

    John James Jacoby


    I think I know what it is. Fix pending, and will probably require a Beta 3.

    Will update in a few hours with a definite answer.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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