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Problem with import. Some posts not attributes to users

  • siparker


    I ran the import from vbulletin again last week and although i had a couple of issues that we could overcome easily enough such as the freshness not being correct we had one major issue

    a load of posts are shown as Anonymous posters instead of the actual user.

    the user that the post should ahve been atrtributed to was imported fine. and even in one case the previous post had ben quoted with an @user and this links fine to the user that should have had the post.

    I think this might have been caused by the import process not being run in one go. it stalled part way through and i had to run it again.

    So my question.

    is there any way to rebuild posts > user relationships?

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  • giobby


    I’ve run in the same issue by importing into PHPBB.

    You can read through my post:

    If you check, you may find that some authors are displayed as anonymous because the corresponding attribute in wp_posts.post_author has no match with your

    I’ve found out that these authors have still the old user id of the forum you are importing from (VBulletin).

    I can’t guarantee the following solution will work for you, but I recommend you to create a temporary table to map your old user ids to the new wordpress ones by joinin them on the user_email attribute.

    Then just update all the orphan wp_posts.post_author with the right wordpress id.

    I can’t guarantee this will fix all your dirty posts.

    @siparker, as I just replied to @giobby’s phpBB post you should try the import with bbPress 2.6-alpha (hoping to release in the next couple of weeks).

    It contains pretty big improvements around the importing and matching of users and their data. It should now correctly map any Anonymous users to bbPress’ Anonymous user though now it will include their vBulletin Anonymous user name. It also works in a similar fashion for deleted users, if the user was deleted and their posts kept, bbPress now maps these posts and usernames to its own internal Anonymous user.

    Also make sure to run the repair tools after importing, it fixes up any freshness, last poster type issues if we couldn’t import that data it recalculates it for you.

    Grab 2.6-alpha from



    ok i will do @netweb . Is it a simple enough upgrade to 2.6 as i want to try and avoid reinstalling everything if possible.

    Yes, just delete the 2.5.x version, and upload or copy the 2.6 .zip file to your WP install 🙂



    cool will try it later



    Hi Stephen

    Just to let you know I’ve tried 2.6 alpha and the result is even worse in terms of post authors.
    I’ve got plenty of anonymous and mismatching authors.

    What I’ve noticed it’s again the same behaviour: several converted posts have an associated author id that is either 0 or that matches the author id of the imported forum.
    PhpBB post’s author id is 1102
    WP converted post’s author id is 1102 when it should be 18044

    I’ve created a table that translates the phpbb user id to the bbpress user id by joining on email address. This in theory can allow me to set the post_author to the appropriate value.
    The problem is to spot the affected posts.
    I am trying a mix of criteria, by looking at the post creation date, user ip, etc. but it’s no simple.

    I would be happy to provide additional info if you want.






    I have a load of wierd issues after trying this again

    Import seems to get as far as favourites then stops there never progressing

    Forums have replies missing or 1 reply in a thread i know has many replies

    i have tried all of the repairing options one by one. all ahve run and no change

    last post replies for most people are from 8 years ago (the first posts to be imported)

    there are basically so many issues i dont know where to start.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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