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Problem to convert Simple Press to bbpress

  • cedriclocqueneux



    I use Simple Press 5.2.2 with WordPress 3.4.2, and I want to migrate my forum to bbpress 2.2.4 (on the same installation of WordPress).
    My forum currently has 29 forums, 768 topics and 4324 posts, which is not so huge.

    I try to migrate with the plugin “SimplePress 5 Import”, but the process stops at 490 :/ In fact it created the forums, a lot of the topics and posts, but it miss all the Reply.
    I do not know where it blocks or why.

    In addition, I can’t restart the process: I deleted all the bbpress forums, I even made a reset bbpress, but import around in circles in the first stage.

    Can you help me, I really want to migrate to bbpress?

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  • One other thing I can’t ever get to work is “Purge all information from a previously attempted import”. I’ve let it run for over 48 hours in the past, and it was “Deleting previously converted data” with a number up into the tens of millions before I gave up on the process, and never actually starts converting. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

    This is a known issue as we have two different caching methods we use, and in particular if one is used and not the other this goes on forever, hopefully I will have a fix in the near future for this, as a workaround do as you have and just ‘reset’ bbPress.

    It is odd that it stalls, stopis etc at a different point during the reply imports, typicaly it stops because of some mysterious reason on the same reply (or topic) and it appears to be some ‘malformed’ content in that particular post (I can’t prove this though and is not specific to SimplePress) 😉

    When it stalls if you click ‘Stop’ then bump the value of _bbp_converter_start by one, then click ‘Start’ again it should continue on from where it left off skipping that troublesome reply.

    (A side issue can be you actually get logged out of WordPress so it also pays to open/refresh another admin page to ensure you are still logged in)



    Just 5 years since the last post, so I thought it was time to get some life back into this thread.

    Simple press 5.7, to BBpress newest.
    Forum has about 11500 threads, 178.000 posts on 9000 users.

    It imports all the threads, but it stalls at 9200 posts.

    Can I just press STOP and then START?
    What should I do to let it continue from where it stopped?

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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