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Private Messaging

  • I’ve already found the private messaging plugin in the respository, however, I also found out that this plugin is no longer updated and that it might pose a security issue. Therefore my question, what other options are out there to add private messaging to a new bbpress forum?

    BTW, I’ve tried the bbpress plugin for wordpress and am having issues with it, so I’d rather stick to a separate board. Otherwise I could integrate private messaging into my WP blog.

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  • pimarts


    Buddypress has private messaging in it.

    Thanks, but buddypress is no option for me.



    I don’t suspect anyone will be developing new plugins for bbpress 1.x because bbpress 2.0 is the way of the future, man.

    What you say is that the WP plugin (that does not work for me, for whatever reason) is going to be developed, while the stand-alone bbpress will not be supported any longer? If so, then I’ll switch to another forum software. Thanks.

    yes a private message and avatar plugin fpr bbpress 2.0 are great.


    for me buddyress no option too ;)



    It’s Pim (not prim :)) Arts, but why not?

    I use buddypress pretty much only for the private messaging & the avatar / profiles. I don’t use the activity / groups stuff, which can be easily disabled. The forum runs on a separate bbpress plugin (not using the buddypress one).

    bbPM is a good private messaging plugin & if its not getting updates, it doesn’t mean it need updates.

    if its not getting updates, it doesn’t mean it need updates.

    Fair enough. But what about the security issues I’ve been reading about? The tool hasn’t been updated in years, and some of the security issues seem to be more recent than the latest update.

    I think you are talking about this –

    Don’t confuse Private messaging plugin with the bbPM plugin. The latter one is a great plugin. Go ahead and use it.

    Also Ben (plugin author) is already working on a bbPM version which is for the new bbPress (WordPress plugin).



    bbpress plugin is still in RC status. I’m sure as it gets more widely adopted that there will be tons of plugins released. I know that I have a few up my sleeve already as do many others.

    The latter one is a great plugin. Go ahead and use it.

    Thanks. I think I confused those two and I’ll give bbPM a try.

    As for the bbpress plugin, I have disabled it on my WP blog for the moment. However, if it becomes usable, will there be a way to import content from a standalone bbpress installation?



    Yes, no doubt.



    why don’t you disabled the plugins any more?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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