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Private Forums not listed

  • Wordpress: 3.4.1.
    BBPress: 2.1.2.
    Happens with default themes as well: Yes.

    Hi, I`ve set up a BBPress install without much trouble, however there is some odd behaviour with private forums, namely they keep disappearing when I make changes to the forum. I use the recent topics widget, and the forums and posts are listed there as they should.

    My setup is the following: 1 private category with 2 private forums. If I make 1 forum public I still can not see any forums. If I make 2 forums public I can see both forums.

    Now if I make the category public and each of the forums private I can see the forums, however this time it says 0 topics and 0 replies and Freshness is “No topics” in the header. The topics and replies for the forum name is still correct though.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the permission system? If so, is there anything I can do to help resolve it?

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  • Do you have any other plugins activated? Try disabling them to see if there is a conflict.

    Also deactivate bbPress then reactivate the plugin which should reset the permissions.

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