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Priming the pump?

  • inventorgeorge


    I have set up a new forum. Going public with an empty forum does not seem to me to be much of an encouragement for people to join in, so I would like to “prime the pump” – add some topics and replies to get it started.
    is there an easy way to add topics/replies with various author names without creating new accounts and logging in for each one?

    OK, this probably considered cheating, but would you join in a forum if it were completely empty?

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  • Robkk


    its better if you have some kind of community already like from users commenting on your site a lot , or facebook/twitter users.

    but i have seen people pay for other people to make the site look active.

    i have also saw a video about the creators of the site use to make a bunch of dummy accounts that they would switch to , to make their site seem active.

    if you are going to switch to a bunch of accounts

    this might help

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