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posted on here 2 days ago and 1 week ago now. none answered.

  • I have put a post in this forum 4 days ago. Unable to access my admin account. basically when I log in it says that I am an unregistered user even though my user profile exists in bbpress. I’ve asked to have my user profile recognised or the account set up so that I can access the admin panel – dashboard.

    This forum has not been answered. I understand that most of you are volunteers but as new user with a problem it is less than helpful if I can’t access my admin panel.

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  • Andre


    What version of bbPress are you using? If a version other than 2.x, is it integrated with WordPress?

    Thank you for your reply.

    The version that I have is version 2.0

    I have integrated my forum into wordpress (plugins) and changed my wordpress theme to 2010 so that it is bbpress friendly.

    I’m having problems setting that up but I noticed this evening that a sticky has been posted saying that there is an an online video tutorial available. I’ll watch that and follow what it says and then get back with any problems if any!

    I’ve also changed my theme to a bbpress friendly theme twenty ten which has resolved the issue of my forum being cut off on the right of the screen. (I was using twenty eleven which although wordpress says that it is bbpress friendly it requires a lot of fiddling about to set up correctly)

    For some reason bbpress defaulted to an old wordpress account (which i assumed had been removed) and since then I have not been able to log into the bbpress admin panel for food for thought. The old wordpress blog issue has been resolved but from the bbpress side of things I am unable to access my dashboard. When I log in I get unregistered user notices.

    I need to use the bbpress admin panel to reorganise how I have set things up. I have done it completely wrong. The topics that I have created should be the categories or the forums (subjects that appear on the main forum page) and not as sub categories under one main subject.

    It just seems to me that all I need is for bbpress to recognise that I am a registered user. I tried opening another account but I couldn’t do that as it said that the user already exists!

    lol I think I tried to help you.

    I think the problem is that you intall many plugin that not compatible with bbPress 2.0.

    tries to uninstall (lets talk about the wild in you)^^

    I hope you made a backup of your database before installing bbPress.

    good luck

    I posted some of my issues on wprdpress because they weren’t answered and still haven’t been onbbpress. if you read this websites documentation it does say that you can post into the wordpress forum.

    The issues that have yet to be resolved are still;

    1. I can’t access my bbpress admin panel, dashboard or whatever you call

    it. I keepm getting unregistered user messages. wordpress did show to me

    that my bbpress profile exists.

    My profile is tony webb and my forum is what do Christians believe.

    2. Whenever I log into this forum I have to reset the password. I cut and

    paste the previous password but this gets rejected. it also seems that

    the check box when ticked doesn’t work as my password info isn’t saved.



    Can you go into the database and remove the old WordPress account?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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