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  • Chappers39


    Hi Guys

    I am really new to all of this, I have installed BBpress on my site, I have a forum running and have managed to get some topics and replies etc, I have noticed that the post count is at zero (apart from mine) – is taht because i have not set up for them to register first?

    Is there an easy fix to get the count working? If not to actually hide the count?

    I have looked on some posts on this but do find them a little confussing, sorry

    i am using avada if this makes a difference

    many thanks Harrison

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  • Hi,
    From you administration panel, did you try to go to ‘Tools > Forums > Repair Forums’ and run some recalculation and count jobs there ?



    Hi this is all i have:

    Forum User Settings

    Setting time limits and other user posting capabilities
    Disallow editing after minutes
    Throttle posting every seconds
    Anonymous posting Allow guest users without accounts to create topics and replies
    Auto role Automatically give registered visitors the
    forum role
    Forum Features

    Forum features that can be toggled on and off
    Revisions Allow topic and reply revision logging
    Favorites Allow users to mark topics as favorites
    Subscriptions Allow users to subscribe to forums and topics
    Topic tags Allow topics to have tags
    Search Allow forum wide search
    Post Formatting Add toolbar & buttons to textareas to help with HTML formatting
    Auto-embed links Embed media (YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc…) directly into topics and replies
    Reply Threading Enable threaded (nested) replies
    levels deep
    Topics and Replies Per Page

    How many topics and replies to show per page
    Topics per page
    Replies per page

    No no, you are in ‘Settings > Forums’, please go to ‘Tools > Forums’ !



    ahh i have fouind exactly where you are now – i have this in front of me:

    Recalculate the parent topic for each post
    Recalculate the parent forum for each post
    Recalculate private and hidden forums
    Recalculate last activity in each topic and forum
    Recalculate the sticky relationship of each topic
    Recalculate the position of each reply
    Repair BuddyPress Group Forum relationships
    Count topics in each forum
    Count replies in each forum
    Count replies in each topic
    Count voices in each topic
    Count spammed & trashed replies in each topic
    Count topics for each user
    Count replies for each user
    Remove trashed topics from user favorites
    Remove trashed topics from user subscriptions
    Remove trashed forums from user subscriptions
    Remap existing users to default forum roles

    I ticked an saved (one at a time) the Count toipic and Count replies for each user, and unfortunately the field still have not updated (showing zero) – do you think its an issue with them not having to register to post? IT DOES SHOW MY COUNT

    OK, as you have avada, could it be the same like here: ?



    is taht because i have not set up for them to register first?

    That is it. Guest users shouldn’t have their post count data gathered.



    Thanks Caseipa, i will have a look at that, hopefully i can get an answer, Robkk is suspect thatt this may be the case

    I wonder if i can hide the count full stop?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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