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Possible to remove /topic/ and /forum/ from bbPress permalinks?

  • jenseo


    I’m using pretty permalinks on my WordPress site and has been working hard with the SEO on the site.

    One thing I can’t seem to solve, although I have been googling and searched this forum for days now, is how to get rid of the /topic/ and /forum/ parts of the permalinks when using bbPress.

    Is it even possible?

    The ideal setup for me, that would also reflect how the rest of my site is set up, would be something like this:

    Is this possible to accomplish?

    Thanks a lot for a great plugin!

    // Jens.

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  • In a short answer no, bbPress uses the ‘forum’, ‘topic’ and ‘reply’ slugs (or your alternate via bbPress settings) to tell WordPress that the content is from a custom post type ‘Forum’, ‘Topic’ or ‘Reply’.



    In short no, what about an extended answer? What do i have to do to get it done?

    It’s all contained in my answer, bbPress ‘needs’ a slug for each term to determine the post type.

    Ryan Hellyer


    This is very old thread, but I just want to clarify something, as this keeps showing up in Google searches for this topic.

    Technically WordPress could work out the post-type; it already does this in the case of posts and pages using the same URL structure. It is however faster if it knows the post-type in advance, hence bbPress prefers to use those slugs by default.

    There is also a secondary problem, which is probably why there isn’t even a common hack to work around this problem, in that if you allow people to create topics and replies at the root level, there could easily be clashes between slugs. This isn’t such a big problem with posts and pages, as usually it’s only the blog admin/editor creating the posts, but in the case of a forum it would be very easy for a member of the public to inadvertently create a clashing slug. You could also ensure that forum posts didn’t clash with existing content in other post-types, but forum users could use page slugs which the admins may want to use for other posts in future. Basically, things get messy.

    Having said all that, this should in theory be possible I think (I haven’t tried to figure out how yet, I’m just searching around to find an existing solution), there would just be a few potential drawbacks. If anyone knows how to do this, please post the solution for the rest of us to see 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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