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PLugins V1 vs. PLugins V2

  • Hi everyone

    I think it is very confusing when trying to identify which bbpress plugins are for bbpress 1.x and which are for the new bbpress 2.x …

    Is there a place where we can find plugins ONLY for bbpress 2 ?

    Thank you

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  • pimarts


    No there isn’t. Not yet at least.

    The plugins on this site are for bbpress 1.x

    You can use the following link to find some plugins for bbpress 2.x (not all of the returned results will work though, so check them first if they’re actually for the 2.x plugin):



    m-jay: bbPress 2.0 plugins are plugins to WordPress, that interact with bbPress 2.0 (which is also a plugin of WordPress). These are listed on the plugin browser on WordPress Extend (what pimarts linked to above).

    Some of these plugins will be related to the bbPress 1.x or below. But in the future, I see most of them being entirely for bbPress 2.0

    bbPress 1.x or below plugins are listed on the plugin browser on

    I understand,

    As I have v2, I’m always afraid to install a plugin for v1 by mistake …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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