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Plugin – Private Messages

  • This plugin enables private messaging for BBPress. For usage instructions, view the readme inside the zip file.


    • Inbox and Sent Box
    • Ability to delete messages before other user reads it
    • Link on front page tells you how many new messages you have
    • Visible representation of when a message hasn’t been seen (in your inbox and sent box)
    • Reply functionality
    • Send user PM from a post in a forum

    To download the plugin, visit

    To see the plugin in action, visit (you must signup to see it)

    I have tested this on my own server, but if you have any problems with installation, let me know. I will be monitoring this thread, but you can also go to my forums and post questions there.

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  • It seems that the website is down? Does any one else have the plugin zip folder hosted elsewhere?


    where must i go to install the table ?

    Cant edit my message :/

    I mean the tables of all plugins i installed, are not created.

    I dont understand why because i thought that is automatic.

    Table creation is automatic. It should install if you navigate to your domain/pm.php or put the message code on your front page.

    Website is not down – Then I am unable to reach it – my browser just sits there loading it

    can you reach ?

    How about ?

    It doesn’t load for me either, in FF or Opera, using XP in Australia.

    Ardentfrost, do you have a wicked .htaccess file or use bad behavior?


    hmmm…I’m having the same problem, where I get the error about the bbpress database not existing. I’m integrating with WPMU instead of regular wordpress but that shouldn’t really cause an issue should it?

    Is there a place we can hardcode it to wp_ instead of bb_?

    message.php is the main one. That is where you would hardcode it.




    I also had to hard code message.php for it to work.

    <– “if (wp_knu_)

    $touser = $bbdb->get_row(“SELECT * FROM “.wp_knu_.”users WHERE ID = $toid”);


    $touser = $bbdb->get_row(“SELECT * FROM “.bb_knu_.”users WHERE ID = $toid”);

    pm_user_form( $touser, ” );


    Table creation is automatic. It should install if you navigate to your domain/pm.php or put the message code on your front page.

    Not automatic for me :/

    Since I don’t use wpmu integration, there have been a few bugs Trent and I have found and worked on. My next release will be more integration friendly, but that doesn’t explain the table creation problem you’re having nekketsu… Trent uses integration and his table creation worked. Can you tell me the errors it is giving you? Just copy and paste them straight to here.

    And as for people in other countries not being able to access my site, I’ll look into it. The only country I think we block is China. You guys can’t reach any of rayd? Can you ping Does the ping request even resolve the name? Let me know.



    Host comes up for me and has for the past couple days, since people started posting about trouble. I have been able to get there fine.

    Anyone who is having trouble with the server please do this:

    -open a command line and type tracert

    -Copy the resulting text and email it to

    -If it starts timing out over and over, just press CTRL-C to stop the process, copy and send it on.

    Due to spammers, sometimes a lot of the countries in the far east get blocked. Sending that tracert text will allow us make sure legitimate users are allowed through the firewalls.


    Not sure why, but I had to make these changes to get the PM links to work for me:

    if ( $bb->mod_rewrite )

    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "message" . ( '' != $tag ? "$tag" : '' );


    if ( $bb->mod_rewrite )

    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "message.php" . ( '' != $tag ? "$tag" : '' );


    if ( $bb->mod_rewrite )

    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "pm" . ( '' != $tag ? "$tag" : '' );


    if ( $bb->mod_rewrite )

    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "pm.php" . ( '' != $tag ? "$tag" : '' );

    Works great though! :)

    EDIT: I get this error when I add the pm_user_link bit to my post.php

    “bbPress database error: [Table ‘CENSORED_DB_NAME’ doesn’t exist]

    SELECT * FROM bb_users WHERE ID = 1″

    I never could figure out why I was getting that, so I just deleted that bit, but otherwise seems to be working fine.

    are you integrated? I think I might need to update some stuff so that it works out of the box when integrated.

    Yes, I’m integrated. :)

    Why are my plugins getting hit by spammers? >.<

    Stalker? :)

    Thanks Spencer for pointing that spammer outJ


    It was no problem at all. ;) :) By the way, he also posted one over here sigh:

    Dang spammers! :(


    Revisiting this: I’m still getting this error:

    bbPress database error: [Table 'DBNAME.bb_users' doesn't exist]

    SELECT * FROM bb_users WHERE ID = 4

    I’ve re-read all the replies to this thread and it looks like spencerp had the same problem I am right now, but I didn’t see a solution posted. Spencer, could you lend me a hand? Or ardentfrost, is there a new version coming? (in other words, should I wait? :))

    Try this version of the “main plugin” file once..

    Just copy the codes from that one, and place it in the original bb-privatemessage.php and reupload it into the my-plugins directory again..

    That *should* work.. If not, Josh(ardentfrost) and I will look into what we’ve done before, to get rid of that error. ;):)


    /I think we had to “hard-code” the calls to the users table for the database..? If I’m not mistaken.. Josh?

Viewing 25 replies - 26 through 50 (of 85 total)
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