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Plugin: Private Forums v 2.1

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  • That is exactly what I was hoping for! Works great!



    I actually have it working with the prefix, but when I switched it over to hide the forum and the posts in that forum, it didn’t work. Any ideas?


    Alrighty, just to be a dumbarse, I’d love to use this plugin but I’ve NO idea how to do the “Upgrade the installation of bbPress to the latest version from the code repository” bit.

    I’ve recently migrated from phpBB over to BBpress, with all my posts and topics thankfully intact… but I’ve some forums I need to hide.

    Is there no way to hide forums based on the user level at all?

    not in this version

    im working on it..

    So10, did you see my post (2 up from your last one)? :-)


    yup i did.. im still trying to figure out what could go wrong.. can you reproduce it?

    try clearing the cache and cookies..

    How do you mean? If you go to there is a post Maguire’s Website 1/2 way down page. It is private. Right now, when you are logged out, it has (Private) around it. I will change it back to “don’t show it” and you will see it still there. Click on it, you get the error message.


    that post what forum does that belong to? does that show up?

    ok i think i know what the problem is.. you have a custom theme.. you dont have a ‘bb_head’ hook in that theme..

    check header.php in the default theme..

    That will be it. I will have to see what code you add to bb_head and manually put the php function I thinks!


    the best option is to put the action hook in.. and the safest coz other plugins might also use that hook



    I have posted this in two topics, forum-restriction and private-forums.

    RSS will display the restricted information. The latest posts.



    A friend who loves WordPress ( Gave me this to work with the plugin.

    It goes in the rss2 file.


    if ( strstr( get_topic_title(), ‘[Members Only]’) ) echo ‘[Text of this post available to logged-in members only.]’;

    else post_text();


    To see this work go to

    Do not log in.
Firefox or Safari sould get the same results.



    I installed the Restrict Registration for bbPress plugin. Every time I make a change to restrictions in the admin panel, all my Private Forums are reset to “Open to All.”

    Plugin: Restrict registration for bbPress

    Not sure where the problem lies (I assume with the restriction plugin), but thought I’d post it here just in case. :)

    Think those 2 plugins use the same “values” in the forms. …. no, value is the wrong word, they use the same names in the code (ok sounds vague I know :)) or the forms have the same name.

    You could check this in the code and if this is the case rename the doubles in 1 form…


    This was a problem people observed but could never identify root cause. It would seem that whatever this plugin is doing is reproducing a more generalized problem.

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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