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Plugin – Memberlist *UPDATE*

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  • Sorry, had to update the files, if you got it before right now, redownload.

    Does this version have our modification for deleting users in WP if integrated?


    Yes. It should be WPMU friendly. I had Spencer help me test it out.

    Yep, She’s working great, just like a cheap hooker downtown.. whee!


    /At least I can STILL talk with Josh on GTalk.. *cough* what the hell Trent!?!?!

    Just been busy. Don’t take it personal!


    naw, it’s ok. Spencer just gets the weirdest problems with stuff, but I still got it tested ;)

    Trent discovered a dumb mistake I made with the WPMU integration. If you’ve downloaded it before now, please download again (only important if you’re integrated).

    Spencer just gets the weirdest problems with stuff

    Yeah, but my crap host,, is the real reason for the problems sigh. When I was on the server’s.. it was all cool, and good to go! But, with the plugins on the server’s.. they were working like nasty ho’s! Hahaha

    Trent discovered a dumb mistake I made with the WPMU integration. If you’ve downloaded it before now, please download again (only important if you’re integrated).

    Alllright, I’ll go re-download it again for the umpteenth time…. lmao! Just kidding man!

    Just been busy. Don’t take it personal!

    Sure…. hm, right..


    I updated this plugin again. You can now choose how many users you wish to show per page. I also fixed some weirdness with the page changing addition from .73a, and added the ability to sort by post count (you still have to uncomment that section to get to it though).

    Additionally, I setup my personal forums to list my plugins and allow people to comment on problems they’re having or additions they’d like to see (it’s a lot easier for me to see what people request from my plugins there than here). I’ll still monitor this thread for memberlist requests, but if you post a request here, then I’ll just copy and paste it over there so I remember. Feel free to go there and make requests yourself. Address is

    Hmm. I keep getting taken to ‘mlist’ instead of mlist.php

    Then, when I change it to mlist.php in the plugin, I get

    Oh Snap! Your memberlist got F'd in the A

    Real professional.

    What makes you think I’m a professional programmer? I do this for free, you don’t have to use it. Plus, it’s open source, you’re more than welcome to change the error message.

    That message should only be shown if it can’t find memberlist.php in your my-templates directory. Also, if you don’t have pretty permalinks turned on, it is supposed to see that and add the .php to the end of mlist.

    Could you tell me your server information? (version of php most notably) Do you have pretty permalinks turned on? If you don’t know your server info, are you on dreamhost or something?

    This has been tested on multiple server configurations and works on them, but there’s no way to test on every server config. But I’ll try to make it more compatible if possible.

    Also, I assume you have version .73b, right?

    I wasn’t talking about your programming skill, I was commenting that saying “f’ed in the A’ isn’t a very appropriate thing to put in code that will be appearing on other people’s sites. I didn’t mean for it to be a personal attack.

    I have pretty permalinks turned up, but not sure if my .htaccess file is working like it should. WHenever I add new plugins, they dont seem to work with pretty permalinks. (pm, mlist etc…) I tried going to bb-admin/rewrite-rules.php but it just redirects me to the main page. Perhaps bb-press is assuming I’m in a bbpress directory?

    there’s a .73b? I’m running .73 currently. I’ve looked all over the site and cant find a mention of downloaing a .73b version.

    .73b is on my download page ( )

    And I never said you were attacking my skill. If you don’t like the error message that you should never see, then change it. Again, it is open source. Just open mlist.php that you put in your root directory; it’s at the end of the file.

    And it sounds like you are having a similar problem as spencer. He turns on permalinks and it works for everything except my plugins, whereas my plugins work fine for myself and others who have permalinks on.

    If the problem persists, you can either turn off pretty permalinks until I figure out what the problem is, or you can change the function on line 100 in bb-memberlist.php in your my-pluins directory to this:

    function bb_get_memberlist_link( $tag = '' ) {

    global $bb;

    if ( $bb->mod_rewrite )

    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "mlist.php" . ( '' != $tag ? "?$tag" : '' );


    $r = bb_get_option('uri') . "mlist.php" . ( '' != $tag ? "?$tag" : '' );

    return apply_filters( 'get_memberlist_link', $r );


    It’s probably because my host, and their host doesn’t support “MutiViews”.. I have to add the lines from the: file.. to my .htaccess file.. and such..

    Maybe something is touchy, or whatever. I dunno. I’m not a professional at this stuff hahaha..


    Ok, spencer and I might have figured something out. I’ll be adding instructions on , into the file, and on here. We’re still working out the specifics, but for those of you who have servers that does not support MultiViews (therefore copy and paste stuff from rewrite-rules.php) will have to add stuff into your .htaccess file. I hope to have it all worked out here shortly

    Ok, it’s updated. You should download version .73c (for a small change) then add this in your .htaccess file if you need to have the rewrite rules in that location:

    RewriteRule ^mlist/ /forums/mlist.php? [L,QSA]

    YES! Once again gerd damn-its, testing a bunch of crap out the arse.. for Josh there.. it’s FINALLY working both ways now.. whee!!

    Now, maybe, hopefully, some time soon here.. I’ll be able to actually work on MY theme’s for the blogs… because I’m already 7 months behind on the crap.. sigh.. =P


    /It’s fun though.. being the guinea pig .. of a bbpress plugin pimp! lmao

    Very nice! :)

    Worked perfectly the first time. One tiny detail I would add: users whose bbpress install is in a directory named anything other than “forums” will need to change the RewriteRule in order to reflect the correct path. I almost missed that part. :)

    Yeah, how did you know how to make the rewrite rules for bbpress? How was their directions worded? I’ll word it like that.

    Ok, so I just looked at the pretty permalinks tutorial on… I had no idea that the forums generated it automatically. I’ll change the wording to make sure people know to change “forums” to whatever

    OK, who let the spammer in? :)

    Spammer is gone!


Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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