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Plugin: Forums Moderators

  • so1o


    will enable features to give moderators forum specific privileges. This plugin will by disable all privileges for the moderator by default and will need to be given explicit privileges for each forum he needs access to.

    The admin menu can accessed by keymaster from Admin > User > Forum Moderators

    Please leave your comments, bugs and feedback at this forum

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  • Oh sweet!! I’ll have to check this one out then, probably after I get that Private Message plugin working.. lol! ;) :)




    A very nice plugin.

    I tried it out and everything worked perfectly, very nice!



    Very cool! Gonna try this!

    Can you expend this so only mods and admins can start new topics in a certain forum and members cant?

    Having some issues with this plugin. I’m able to access forum Users->Forum Moderators from my admin panel and can also update moderator privileges for specific users here. The updates seem to stick and appear correct on this page, however they do not seem to actually effect the user (moderators) themselves.

    When I log in as one of these moderators whom I’ve assigned to a specific forum, they are still able to moderator any forum I have created, whether they are assinged as a moderator to it or not, so basically they have global moderator privileges.

    Am I missing something?

    using 0.8

    FYI, I modified the plug-in slightly to prevent moderators from messing with other forums they are not assigned to by this plug-in in bbpress version 0.8.

    changed function forum_moderators_process_capacities in forum-moderators.php, added some additional filters:

    $filtering_caps = array(

    'manage_topics' ,

    'edit_closed' ,

    'edit_deleted' ,

    'browse_deleted' ,

    'edit_others_tags' ,

    'edit_others_topics' ,

    'manage_posts' ,

    'ignore_edit_lock' ,









    added filters:






    don’t know exactly what I’m doing but that hacked seemed to do what I want.



    hey GiantsFan

    you’ve done the right thing. the forum moderators plugin is missing the capabilities which were added as part of release 0.8.

    Go Giants!

    How do i set this to where everyone can read the section but the admin is the only one who can mess with it? I dont want the moderators to have access to moderate it.



    if you dont assign a moderator to a forum then only key master can moderate the forum..

    Well i have a moderator set for one forum called general. I have another forum called announcements and news and she can delete stuff out of that section. I just downloaded this mod so im assuming this is the newest version. Do the moderators have full forum mod rights?



    if you set the moderator for the general forum she will not have access to moderate the Annoucement forum.



    I added GiantFan’s additional filters, but my “tester” can still post to all forums. Using 8.2.1



    hey kannued..

    the plugin is for moderators restriction.. it will not prevent any one from posting..



    Is there anything that will restrict posting in a forum to only certain people?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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